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10 Photos Prove Before 2011, Libya was Paradise: Now it Looks like This


10 Photos Prove Before 2011, Libya was Paradise: Now it Looks like This

Libya was what you could call the paradise of Africa before the first year of this decade. In the entire African continent, it was the one with the highest standard of living. Unfortunately in 2011, the people who run what we call the Western world decided to flex their alliance and take them out.

The NATO coalition decided the regime of Libya was not to exist anymore. A massive coalition of about 19 countries and NATO made the decision to take out the regime and personally kill Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, and then Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State at the time laughed about killing him on camera.

It started in early 2011, when an outburst of “protests” came out of nowhere, and it was claimed that Gaddafi was harming protesters. By March 2011, the full blown attack on Libya was committed by a massive coalition of the US, UK, Norway, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, and Qatar. Shortly thereafter, this colonial supergiant force was expanded to include  the Netherlands, Belgium, Romania, Jordan, Bulgaria, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, and even Sweden. At least 19 different countries and the core NATO alliance all basically had a mutual agreement to destroy the sovereign state of Libya.

For a variety of reasons, these powers no longer wanted the regime to exist. One reason is, Muammar Gaddafi took it upon himself quite righteously to call out Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the US. More popularly even, he wanted to create a gold backed currency for all of Africa to use called the Dinar.

Those who paid attention could see Libya was destroyed because of the inherent divide between the NATO side and Libya.

However, solid evidence is plentiful as well. Just a couple years ago declassified emails ultimately proved that NATO chose to murder Muammar Gaddafi specifically to prevent the creation of that gold backed currency.

The simple truth is, the NATO side made a decision to wipe out the regime of Muammar Gaddafi for a variety of reasons, that would benefit a variety of powers, countries, companies, and entities involved, from the US to the UK, Norway to Sweden, Qatar to the United Arab Emirates.

One reason people suspect is so that Libya could serve as a grounds to incubate what became known as ISIS. It wasn’t long after the destruction of Libya that ISIS mysteriously formed, got a lot of resources, and began terrorizing both Africa and the Middle East. It has been reported quite officially in fact that weapons flowed in a line from Libya to ISIS, hundreds of miles away.

The beginning of the Libyan “civil” war, which was no more “civil” than the Syrian “civil” war, started with February 18, 2011. 54 pages of declassified info on the possibly inorganic nature of these protests, like the “Arab Spring,” can be found in these documents.

If people want to know what Libya once was, here are the photos. It was a true oasis, a place with peace and tranquility in the middle of the desert.

Unfortunately now under the control of the UN, Libya is the site of human trafficking, slavery, terrorism, car bombs, and worse.

These photos can put in perspective what Libya once was.

It’s so obvious today that Libya was destroyed by the West, the mainstream media is forced to admit it. The Guardian and other news outlets that pretend to report the truth but actually subtly promote war were forced to critically report on it, for example.

Militia groups, truly f**ked up terrorists occupy Libya now, ranging from Al Qaeda and ISIS, to Salaf and Takfiri militias.

It’s being reported that atrocities never before possible in the history of Libya are happening now. Apparently terrorists are specifically targeting dark skinned Libyan people belonging to ethnic groups that have peacefully lived there for a long time, killing them outright and selling African men, women, and children into slavery. “Ethnic cleansing” campaigns are happening.

A total of 588 bombs were dropped onto the state of Libya by a certain country in 2011, quite an intense contribution. Can you guess which country did this?

Norway: Norway was the country that bombed the living sh*t out of Libya with a leading role among the typical NATO superpowers. That’s scary.

Before all of this, remember that Libya was the wealthiest state in Africa. It’s true that Libya’s government leaned toward the side of socialism, and personally I’m an Anarchist and don’t believe in really any government except community rule, self governance by basic laws of morality and human decency, this system didn’t seem all that bad.

In Libya before the West destroyed it, the people had free healthcare. The difference is, in their old healthcare system it wasn’t strictly limited to pharmaceutical medicine that didn’t even work. They recognized some elements of human health and nutrition that were not suppressed in the culture like that was deliberately suppressed in the West: they really don’t like that another country can do that.

For free in Libya, education was provided that actually didn’t leave out things that Western society did. For 40 entire years before 2011, Libya was in a consistent state of peace. Unlike US ally Saudi Arabia, where it was only recent that women could drive, in Libya women were active participants in higher education.

It wasn’t just the West that hated the culture of Libya, but the terrorists who now threaten the region did as well, until Gaddafi was thrown out of power by the friends of Saudi Arabia.

Before 2011, just about all families in Libya could afford a car and petrol. Free of interest, loans were provided to the common people.

Via a unique kind of state subsidy that didn’t seem to suffer from the usual ills of socialism, electricity was provided to the citizens of Libya.

How were these things possible? A major factor was the fact that the central bank of Libya was fully independent from the World Bank, International Monetary Fund type central banking system that issues out loans to people all over the world and dominates the West. Without those strings attached, Libya thrived quite nicely.

Before 2011 Libya was the site of the highest life expectancy in all of Africa: 78 years old. A low child mortality rate of 20/1000 babies born in the country was also something they had to be proud of.

About 82 percent of Libyan people were literate as well, a remarkably high literacy rate compared to other countries,

A Norwegian report on what truly happened to the country, translated into English can explain a few things:

The country had cleared up the Lockerbie scandal and opened it before then closed the country to the West. It was Saif al-Islam, Gaddafi’s son, who became instrumental in resolving the Lockerbie case where significant compensation payments were paid to victims’ families. It was also under the leadership of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi that the military was built down, dismantling the nuclear weapons program and privatizing the economy to approach the West and end the hostile relationship.

You know it: the government of Libya was enthusiastically cooperative with the attempts to defeat Sunni Muslim terrorist groups, cooperative with the West, to defeat organizations such as Al Qaeda. Gaddafi even was given the title the “great enemy of Al Qaeda,” and those individuals made numerous attempts on his life.

Libya has long had the ability to boast of its status as a multi-ethnic state, accepting various ethnic groups of people with skin color ranging from lighter to dark. These terrorists who now threaten the common people of Libya are targeting the darker skinned people, and specifically putting those people into slavery.

Now Libya looks like this, including the human trafficking victims who were sadly caught in the crossfire in the place that has now been referred to as a living hell.



Today, the regime in Libya is not very effective at all against the threats to basic peace in the region, and that regime was openly put into power by the United Nations. They’re not stopping the nightmare of human trafficking that is now plaguing the region, and as if it matters, there will officially be elections soon in Libya.

Unfortunately, people would be well advised to stay away from the new Libya unless they want to risk their lives to help others. Now, things like this happen there.

A couple weeks ago. about 7 people were killed by a car bomb in Benghazi, Libya. Around the same time, 4 Libyan soldiers were killed by landmines in Libya’s Darna region. Today that’s the type of thing you’ll hear about in Libya, but 10 years ago that type of thing would have never happened.

This is the world we live in, and the people who destroyed this country and harmed the lives of millions of people just to remove a regime considered a roadblock to more power and money are still plotting to do the same thing to Iran.

Iran is next on the chopping block if these people have their way, and you better believe that Norway, Sweden, and all of these fake-peaceful countries will come out to rain death upon civilians alongside their usual allies.

(Image credit: themindunleashed)

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Adam Goldberg is a researcher and writer from New York. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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