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22 Scenes Showing All Hell Is Currently Breaking Loose in France


22 Scenes Showing All Hell Is Currently Breaking Loose in France

Saturday in France, hundreds of people were detained in Paris alone as gigantic crowds of Yellow Vest protesters made their planned demonstration across France. It is now the fourth weekend of unrest.

The movement was famously set off by the recent rise in gasoline taxes in France, and now people are saying the country is literally on fire. Keep in mind, that tax increase was something that was just one addition to years and years of problems that have stacked up one after the other, when it comes to the government mistreating people.

A volatile, pent-up frustration was building for years, but the unrest really grew in mid-November, and that’s when a whole lot of concerned French people decided to grab a yellow safety vest, something they all had access to because it is required to be in each and every single vehicle, just regular cars, in France due to the possibility of a breakdown or accident.

What a hilarious turn of events: require every single citizen to have a yellow vest in case their car breaks down, which is a real nanny-state move, and it becomes the icon of a massive protest movement.

Instead of being used for a car accident or a similar personal emergency, these yellow vests are being used for what is described as a “national economic emergency.”

The wearer of the yellow vest demands to not be run over by the ruling class, suddenly visible, a perfectly coherent metaphor derived from the original meaning of the yellow vest.

If we look at mainstream media reports from recent on the situation, for example this BBC article, they make it seem as if the protests have no direction or purpose whatsoever.

According to the BBC: “The “yellow vest” protests have been “a catastrophe” for the French economy, the finance minister says. France has seen four consecutive weekends of demonstrations against fuel tax rises, high living costs, and other issues. About 125,000 protesters took to the streets on Saturday, with more than 1,700 people arrested. Several tourist sites, including the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum, are closed this weekend. Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire called the situation “a crisis” for both society and democracy.”

It can only be expected that the mainstream would only focus on the “economic” impact of the situation, promptly citing the same officials who are instigating the situation.

Most people probably aren’t quite aware that the gas tax was already suspended: the thing is, that’s not what this entire movement was even really about. The gas tax was just something that lit the match, sparked the fuse, instead the protests continue on because the citizens of French are still fed up with all kinds of measures that benefit the rich at the obvious expense of everyone else.

Protesters who are known known as the Yellow Vests or Yellow Jackets, say they are fully fed up with the hidden hands in society pulling the strings from behind the scenes. They will not be quiet about it, and while the demands may not be entirely clear now, or there may be a lot of demands, the fact that some population is getting this active and outraged that they are being taken advantage of it a good sign for anybody on Earth wishing to exercise their right to civil disobedience.

Here are some scenes taking place across Paris right now, during these protests.

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