91 yr Old Mexican Man Beaten with Brick in “Blatantly Racist” Attack: Suspects Wanted

A horrible attack occurred in Los Angeles on the Fourth of July, when an elderly Mexican man was beaten with a brick. The witness to this describes it as a blatantly racist attack.

The almost 92 year old man was taking a routine, stroll around his old neighborhood when something terrible happened.

Rodolfo Rodriguez, the elderly man was walking down the sidewalk and passed by a mother and her young daughter. He accidentally bumped into them, according to the witness, 35 year old Misbel Borjas, a neighbor.

Borjas was driving by in a car, when she witnessed the mother push the old man to the pavement and repeatedly bash him in the face with a brick yelling “go back to your country.” The woman was black.

The witness managed to capture the ordeal on camera, at least the aftermath of it when the man was laying beaten on the ground.

Posted by Misbel Borjas on Thursday, July 5, 2018

The woman who witnessed it called 911 and tried to intervene but the woman threatened her as well.

Rodriguez’ attacker quickly got another group of men to continue beating the man, they ganged up on him and nearly took his life. It’s a miracle he survived and he is shockingly, shockingly solid looking for the age of 91.

The victim was born in Mexico, and is a permanent resident of the United States. Either way, the border crossed him, California was once a part of Mexico.

Rodriguez insisted he didn’t do anything to anyone, but the woman who attacked him apparently got the other men to join in and attack him because she claimed he tried to snatch her daughter. How could a 91 year old man snatch a child?

“But that’s not true,” Rodriguez told CNN in Spanish. “In the years I have been alive, I have never offended anyone.”

So the men kicked the man while he lay “crumpled on the ground and stomped on his head,” the witness said.

The man suffered from broken cheekbones and a broken jaw, with two broken ribs and bruises all over his face and torso.

“I can’t walk anymore,” Rodruigez said, with tears streaming down his cheeks. “I’m in so much pain.”

This isn’t your traditional hate crime from a white American to a Mexican or African American. Before I explain this, consider that in some countries, they don’t even think about race, nearly as much as we do.

In this event, a violent, probably gang affiliated woman beat an old man nearly to death. It probably isn’t a hatred of Mexican people as much as hatefulness in general in this woman. I’m saying she was probably gang affiliated because in LA it’s like that, and she got an entire group of men to join her immediately. California is full of people of all races who would gang up on another person if they want to.

In California, the penitentiaries for example are so much more segregated than the prisons in Texas for example. On one hand, there’s hatefulness and racism that exists. However at the same time, some California cities are the most racially integrated, non-racist places in America, especially Northern California.

Hatefulness in general, a built up feeling of anger and frustration that could cause a woman to want to beat a man to death with a brick, that’s the real cultural problem. The more people look at race, the worse all forms of racism become.

(Image credit: Misbel Borjas, Huffington Post)


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