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A Hard Hitting Christmas Message From Anonymous – People Woke Up This Decade


A Hard Hitting Christmas Message From Anonymous – People Woke Up This Decade

The concept of anonymity is one that requires a lot of background noise: it’s the concept of disguising something, to make it to where people cannot be identified. The concept of Anonymous, the one we represent with the masks, requires background noise as well. The concept may seem dead at this point, almost in 2019, but it can be revived at any time.

Recently, a video from last Christmas made by somebody representing Anonymous was re-circulated. The video essentially translates to a basic, general reminder to people that consumerism runs the world.

People feel it, because those who have children, families, feel a great stress and pressure around Christmas time to financially provide for everything. This is the Anonymous video.

To be fair, the video says the same thing that similar videos have said for years, and people were aware of that. There were a lot of comments that acknowledged their understanding of what is a lie in this world, but a lot of them were negative.

The state of Anonymous right now is a result of the simple fact that all ideas eventually get stale. Most people who would represent Anonymous, or make a video like that wouldn’t exactly know compelling, new information to pack into the video.

Compelling, new information is lacking from Anonymous videos, and a lot of activist content, because that’s what happens with all ideas. The good news is, over the course of this decade, when the popularity of this type of activism and media exploded we already made a difference. Many people who were going to wake up, did wake up, and those who didn’t may not for a long time if ever.

The thing is, activists really have to be aware of a certain attitude or principle, and that is that activists can make people cringe.

If you approach a person and tell them, you’re a fool, you aren’t awake, you’re not living life the right way, it can be guaranteed that they aren’t going to listen.

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At the same time, militant activism for an actual attainable objective or purpose, Black Panthers style for instance, is something else entirely that requires a certain attitude.

Unfortunately, people’s firm unwillingness to listen to activists in general, which seems to be inherent to most people, simply isn’t something that can be changed by just trying to inform them of something.

People really require first-hand, hard experience with something that puts them at a loss, to grow a desire to learn more about a potential problem in the world. For example, a pro-vax mother’s child is injured from a vaccine, and she becomes an activist trying to raise awareness of vaccine injury and dangers.

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(Image credit: vaccineimpact)

Who enjoys learning about how dangerous something is? Not many people: only people who have really suffered from the danger of that thing care about it deeply, and some of them who suffer from the problem don’t even develop that kind of care.

Activism is something that constantly goes against the grain of comfort, because nobody likes to hear about problems. It requires the person feeling at a loss, to start caring about the issue that caused them to suffer from that loss.

However, activists can do the best job by respectfully, carefully putting the information they consider the truth out there, not with a passive attitude, however.

They can research things, discover why the issue they uncovered in their life happened, and let other people know to avoid that thing. This could refer to any number of things, from a person getting a disease from a prescription drug and then becoming an activist against the use of dangerous drugs, to a person whose son lost his life in war, only for him to discover that the very reason behind the war was false.

This Anonymous video boils down to, an admittedly watered down collection of activist ideas: the general idea that yes, a lot of things in this world are a lie. A lot of manipulation is present in the media, it really is all to make people believe things that aren’t necessarily true to advance the agenda of people who control the media.

All of this is true, but to anybody with a propensity to care, it’s extremely redundant at this point. Those who were going to wake up, did.

Now, it’s the responsibility of those who want to do true, humble, positive attitude but sharp and on-point activism, to put content out there that really is well researched, well-put together, interesting, and informative: things people didn’t already know, which are less often obtained gems of info that require research and life experience to discover.

There’s an entire renaissance of media still taking place out there on YouTube and all over the Internet, you just have to find it.

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Adam Goldberg is a researcher and writer from New York. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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