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A Rat Broke Into an ATM, Ate Nearly $20,000


A Rat Broke Into an ATM, Ate Nearly $20,000

In 2018, it was reported that in the town of Tinsukia, India a rat broke the world record for most expensive rat nest of all time.

The rodent decided to make the inside of a State Bank of India ATM its home, and it shredded $17,662 in Indian rupees.

For days, the ATM was out of order after it mysteriously stopped dispensing money. The issue was reported by patrons, so technicians went to go check out the machine, when they found a no longer living rat and the most expensive rat nest of all time.

(Image credit: AFP/Getty Images)

According to the report, $42,685 USD worth of Indian currency, 2.9 million rupees, were recovered without any harm done to it. “We have started an investigation into this rare incident and will take measures to prevent a recurrence,” said Chandan Sharma, SBI branch manager.

Naturally, the bank did not recognize the rat in the closed-circuit security camera in the machine. Most Indian ATMs feature these cameras for extra security. More than 50,000 ATMs across India are owned by the State Bank of India.

(Image credit: en.wikipedia)

This story sounds kind of similar to the rodents that allegedly consumed tons and tons of cannabis that was stored in a police warehouse.

ATMs apparently don’t have the same kind of security measures in some American cities, because in the neighborhood of Rancho Cordova in Sacramento, California, someone recently stole an ATM straight out of a gas station and apparently got away with it. According to Sacramento CBS:

“Around 4 a.m. Thursday, at least three men in a red pickup truck drove to the Chevron gas station on Folsom Boulevard, near Routier Road, according to a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department statement. There, they backed their truck through the glass windows of the storefront before putting a strap around the ATM and dragging it away.”

(Image credit: kmsstv)

Not only that, but the thieves apparently tried to steal a second ATM from a nearby liquor store the same night. No one was caught yet and it has been more than a couple weeks, but they got away with that ATM, as you can see on the surveillance camera below.

Surprisingly, ATM “smash n’ grabs” are more common that you’d might expect. In Houston, Texas the very same week the incident in Sacramento happened, someone ripped open a Chase Bank ATM and tried to get away with the cash, but left a ton of it strewn all over the ground.

Someone who saw the ATM ripped open with cash all over the ground decided to guard the cash, and let the bank take it back, instead of picking it up off the ground and keeping it.

This was reported by a local news outlet as if it was some moral, upstanding citizen thing to do. Some disagree, it would be upstanding and morally right to protect a common person’s money, but doesn’t a bank have enough money? The attitude is positive, but do banks need more help?

One comment on that video reads:

“Why protect it? Where they worried the bank was gonna run out of money?”

Another comment reads:

“Seriously, the Bank should give them a Christmas Gift of some reward money. OOPS!!!! I forgot, it was a Bank.”

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