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Archaeologists prepare to Open the Black Sarcophagus, Despite Fears


Archaeologists prepare to Open the Black Sarcophagus, Despite Fears

In the Roman-popularized city of Alexandria, Egypt, a massive black sarcophagus was discovered recently, capturing the imagination of all the common people and people who are inclined to watch popular movies in particular, because it closely resembles something in a popular work of fiction called “the Mummy.” In that movie, a dark force was unleashed upon the world when some people decided to open a black sarcophagus just like this one.

It seems as if this sarcophagus has been perfectly preserved, and completely unopened in about 2,000 years, which means that it will be the perfect opportunity for analysis that hasn’t been contaminated by anything. That is of course, unless the scientific analysis is contaminated by people plotting to cover up the real discoveries being made, and that’s entirely possible too.

During an archeological dig in Alexandria’s Sidi Gaber district, the archaeologists managed to stumble upon this ancient, giant black granite sarcophagus. It measures 8.7 feet, or 2.65 meters long, quite large. It constitutes the longest sarcophagus to ever be found in the region of Alexandria. It’s almost completely intact, too.

Between the lid and the body of the mortuary artifact, there is an intact, certainly unbroken seal. The Ptolemaic period is what they call the era of time in which this thing is thought to have been created, which is between the years of 323 BC and 30 BC.

They also discovered this sculpture of a man who is thought to be the “owner” of the sarcophagus.

According to the Smithsonian:

“This is just the latest discovery in Alexandria, an ancient city written off by archaeologists for decades. According to Andrew Lawler at Smithsonian, researchers often ignored the fabled city founded by Alexander the Great and ruled over by his close advisor Ptolemy and his descendants after its namesake’s death. That’s because over the centuries a bustling, congested metro area of 5 million people has grown up over the ruins of marble palaces, monuments and other ancient works.”

Naturally any people would want to open this up and explore it, but the ones who will be granted permission to do so are at least in my opinion, at risk of being corruptible to a possible plot to keep secrets about what they discover. If you understand in general how the world works, you might consider this a real possibility as well.

Now let’s examine a much further out possibility. If you’ve learned about how people in power exhibit cult-like behavior, and do elaborate things to place their symbolic mark on things or do certain, specific things they just want to do for a reason we may not understand (think Freemasons), what if some people in power who hold a lot of reverence for ancient Babylon and Phoenicia and all that, just planted this artifact or chose to reveal it at this specific time?

If you don’t know that people in power have, and for a very long time have, held reverence for ancient Egypt, Babylon, Phoenicia, ect., here’s some food for thought.

Freemasons founded so much across the United States, and other Commonwealth nations, it really boggles the mind. They founded Memphis, Tennessee, the city with an occult looking giant pyramid building like Las Vegas or Sacramento, and a statue of an Egyptian king in front of the Pyramid.

Yes Memphis, named after the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis, was literally founded by Freemasons. John Overton and future US president Andrew Jackson, both Freemasons and deep into it, founded the city which played a major role in the slave trade back in the day.

That’s one of so many examples, if you don’t believe me just take a drive through the southern United States. Go to some small towns in the Carolinas, you’ll find a post office and a Masonic lodge in every town.

If that’s a possibility, that they placed this object here to be found or just chose to announce the discovery now, it would explain why this would perfectly resemble something that was dark and ominous in a popular, Hollywood work of fiction. In the Hollywood work of fiction, the opening of a black sarcophagus led to the apocalypse.

So if you’re one of these people in power known for practicing all kinds of occult sh*t, would you stage the discovery of a black sarcophagus, to create a mental link to the apocalypse in the minds of people, because you want to incite feelings of dread and fear in the population? Some might call that “magic.” They’re also opening it in the period of time between eclipses, right before the longest eclipse of the century. You don’t have to believe that means anything, to believe that people in positions of power who could influence the discourse of media believe in the significance of this.

Of course, that’s an extremely far out possibility that may not be the most likely scenario here, but if you’re reading this, at least it’s something to read that isn’t what you usually hear. Trust nothing but what you reason through.

(Image credit: Ministry of Antiquities, ussec)

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Adam Goldberg is a researcher and writer from New York. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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