Man Almost Killed After Blowing Up Fridge Full Of Explosives

By: James Dawson

I’d be lying if I said that doing this job I hadn’t written about a lot of crazy people doing a lot of crazy shit. But honest to god this video has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve seen yet.

If you’re not aware what Tannerite is, then allow me to explain.

Tannerite is a combination of ammonium nitrate and/or ammonium perchlorate (oxidizers), and a fuel – primarily aluminum powder.

You better believe that when that shit blows up, that shit blows up – especially – when shot by a high-velocity firearm bullet.

With that in mind one man decided he should fill up a refrigerator with the compound and, well, why don’t you just watch the video and see what happened next ..

Hiding behind a tree a fair distance away from the fridge, the man narrowly escapes with his life as the fridge door comes dangerously close to him in the blast. Gotta watch that recoil, mate.

Whereas some of the shit I write about is pretty dumb, some things can only be described as genius.

Take wrexham-born machine operator and father-of-five Mike Bagnall.

Although the 24-year-old Welshman and his partner Stacey let seven-year-old twins Megan and Teagan, five-year-old Leighton, three-year-old Alexi and their baby Riley have the odd sweet treat – they also, understandably, like to save themselves a cake or two for after they have finished their evening meal.

Sadly for the couple, this doesn’t always happen, as their kids are always raiding their stock.

Despite efforts by the two of them to hide their treats, they would regularly go missing under ‘mysterious circumstances’. And, no matter what they do to hide them, it seems that their four children always sniff them out.

The family together. Credit: Provided

But the dad wasn’t prepared to admit defeat when it came to his sugary snacks, so he developed a cunning plan to make sure his food was never touched without his permission again.

Mike happens to be a massive fan of chillies and decided it was time to teach the spice-averse children a lesson.

After buying some jam doughnuts from the supermarket, he took a syringe and used it to remove the original filling and replace it with Nando’s Extra Extra Hot sauce, left them like he usually does and went off to work.

Here’s how he describes the scene on arriving home from work: “When I got back in they came running straight to me and said that I had chilli in my donuts and that I could eat them.

“They also said they would never touch any of my food ever again because I’m sneaky.”

Now for anybody feeling like Mike’s methods were a bit harsh, it’s worth saying that the kids never actually managed to bite into the doughnuts. After they’d discovered them their mum Stacey intervened and told them about their dad’s prank.

At first the kids didn’t believe her, so she’s showed them the picture …

Mike pulling his hilarious prank. (Credit: Provided)

Speaking on behalf of the children about what their dad had done, seven-year-old Megan told LADbible: “I didn’t like it because it could make me breathe fire. It’s a stupid thing to do because I can’t eat them now.”

Lesson learnt.

Featured Image Credit: Live Leak

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