Chinese Govt Admits “Unavoidable” War with US, Warns of “Peace Disease”

Recently, state propaganda newspaper of China announced that morale within its armed forces wasn’t quite right, talking about how the soldiers weren’t aggressive enough and that they suffered from some “peace disease.”

“Peace disease has been a common symptom in our military for decades,” the translated propaganda reads, as reported by Business Insider. “If we do not make up our mind to eliminate those evils, we must pay a heavy cost in the event of a war. We can only stop a war when we are able to fight.”

This may be inspiring to people who were oppressed and were fighting for freedom, but fighting for the totalitarian Chinese government, it’s probably not easy to have any inspiration.

The totalitarian ruler of China, President Xi Jinping is ordering his military to try and build up what they call combat readiness, after years of never actually engaging in battle, and years of stagnancy, with the Chinese government taking more and more from their people, proving for decades upon decades they don’t represent the people. It’s the same way in every other country, it’s just the Chinese civilians really got hit hard by tyranny.

The president also expressed concerns that military officials were falsifying training data, training they seem to be forced to do. Military officials are selling positions to be in the military. What do they think will happen, when people are forced to serve?

According to Business Insider:

“Xi, who chairs the CMC, has ordered the PLA to be transformed into a world-class fighting force in the next three decades.

That ambitious goal requires the military to learn from its Western counterparts, especially the United States, and to conduct regular and intensive live-fire drills — with the inspectors sent to try to ensure the drills’ integrity.

The shift has come as China increasingly flexes its military muscle in the disputed South China Sea, and establishes missions further away, such as setting up a military hub in the east African nation of Djibouti.”

China is also reportedly creating new, scarier weapons. Why then would this be promoted in the media, in the West, if they didn’t want to scare people about a war with China?

The hidden agenda in this reporting was explored in this recent video.

The Chinese government wonders why its soldiers don’t have any inspiration or want peace? Maybe it’s because their government denies them freedom and has them under the thumb of the same kind of slavery that is being built in the West.

That’s the underlying reason why rivalry between the US and China cannot one hundred truly exist. It’s because the people who really run this world are willing to put any conflict to the side, just to place the “bottom class,” us, in a box.

China is putting its citizens in a box, putting them under a surveillance grid linked to artificial intelligence, more sophisticated than any in the world. Research Hangzhou, China: it’s the dream of the people who run the world. For this reason, the massive hoards of docile victims the powers that be see in the Chinese people (no disrespect to the good, awake people of China who do exist too), they wouldn’t destroy China.

However, China could be a paradise with tons of natural beauty if it wasn’t under the control of these people: just like America but a little different.

Identifying exactly which disagreements between the powers are leading to conflict, that is an effort that takes years. All we can do is try to determine what’s fake and what isn’t in what the media feeds us about this.

(Image credit: cnn, stuffpoint, business insider)


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