Cops Ignore ‘Beware of Dog’ Signs, Walk Into Yard, Kill Family’s Dog — For No Reason

By: Matt Agorist

Winter Garden, FL — A dramatic video of a police officer shooting a family’s dogs was shared with the Free Thought Project this week. After shooting the dogs, who appeared to be coming to greet him, the video shows the officer immediately tell a story that clearly did not happen.

According to the person who submitted the video, his aunt was visiting his parent’s home in Florida. When she arrived at the home, she accidentally put in the wrong alarm code, but it was cleared within just a few seconds.

Despite the alarm being cleared, police showed up 45 minutes later.

“Both dogs have never bitten anyone. They were just coming up to say hey,” writes L Chastang, as he describes the officer’s body camera footage.

“The three dogs are on electric collars that runs the property line. The beware of dog signs in the front of the entrance and just before entering the courtyard are obvious,” he said.

Clearly ignoring the beware of dog signs and the cleared alarm notice, the officers entered the property anyway. When the dogs ran up to greet them, an officer shot.

The first part of the body camera video has no sound, so we cannot hear the dog or how many shots are fired. However, we can see the dogs wagging their tails right before they are shot.

Also, you can clearly see that both dogs stopped right at the officer’s feet when the got to him. They didn’t jump up or attempt to bite him. It looked like they were just excited to see someone.

After shooting the dogs, they run away, leaving behind a trail of blood. The family’s Rottweiler, Bane, did not survive.

When the homeowner’s sister comes out after hearing the gunshots, she asks police what happened.

“They charged me and backed me into a corner ma’am,” says the officer.

“Both of them?” the woman asks.

“Three of them,” says the officer, clearly recalling a story that the body camera shows did not happen.

The Free Thought Project reached out to the Winter Garden police department for a statement on this incident which allegedly happened on July 3, 2016. They told us that it looks like a possible Orange County incident.

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