The Cops Raided This Average Looking House, Nothing Could Prepare Them For What They Found Next

Cops raid houses on a daily basis looking for any form of illegal activity. But this story is straight out of the movies. And that is exactly how this all started:


Seems like a normal police raid, cops parked outside looking for illegal activity.


But what they found was much much more.


The house was built on top of a natural cave, but investigators say no one lived there. The house wasn’t even furnished. Hidden inside the house was a secret passageway into a cave.


The thick metal door to the secret passageway was held in place by a hydraulic motor. If someone didn’t want you to enter, you would probably need a small bomb to get in.


The office space came first, then a living area furnished with three or four colorful bunk beds for camping out in the cave, and a restroom with a shower and plenty of toiletries. Behind the restroom was a kitchen with a fully stocked pantry, air conditioning and microwave. All the comforts of home, only this cave was meant for business.


More than 1,000 marijuana plants were grown deep underground. There were two growing areas – one held starter plants and the other held maturing plants. Each room had its own irrigation system. The lights and climate control kept the air at the perfect temperature: 87 degrees.


They would grow 100 pounds of pot every 8 weeks. The job of harvesting the marijuana was so big that they actually brought in outside labor.


As you can see, the ceiling escape hatch was painted the same color as the ceiling to create a disguised escape route.


The escape route leads to a ladder to climb out.


Just beneath the ground, there is another trap door. Here a hydraulic jack lifts the secondtrap door, which is hidden underneath a boulder. The escape hatch lets out 100 yards from the home. No one driving by would have any idea what lies beneath.


How did these men get caught? Was it because police thought they were growing thousands of pounds of marijuana? NO!


The men started stealing electricity from the local power lines to supply their fortress. They spliced into wires and caused power disruptions to the local area. Supervisors at the local power company were losing power somewhere and decided to look into it.


But now Fred Strunk, 63, is not only facing 18 years of prison, he lost every cent he put into his operation. His house and all his holdings were confiscated by the government. The pot house is now up for sale! In addition, he is expected to reimburse Tri-City Electricity $61,000 for the energy he stole.

I am just in shock with how many plants, how much marijuana and how much space was used. A lot of time and energy went into this. Did you expect to see that? I know I didn’t at all.


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