Father of Viral Crying Child at Mexico Border Exposes the Media’s Lies

A photo of a girl from Honduras went viral recently, 2 year old Yanela Denise, and it “became the face” of a public awareness of the horrible treatment that immigrants are facing in Texas detention centers.

Now, the father of the child, Denis Javier Varela Hernandez, age 32, had to find out his wife and daughter were incarcerated in a facility in Texas for being there illegally, by seeing the photo of his daughter go viral. He hadn’t heard from them for about 3 weeks prior to the photo being seen by everyone.

Honduras is one of the most dangerous countries in the world, and that has been agitated by the fact that the US helped overthrow their government in a 2009 coup, after which the US delivered “non-food aid” to the regime. The scale of corruption that must exist there is difficult to even encapsulate, and obviously dangerous for the people there to speak about. Research “Berta Cáceres” and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The father of the child whose photo went viral said:

“You can imagine how I felt when I saw that photo of my daughter. It broke my heart. It’s difficult as a father to see that, but I know now that they are not in danger. They are safer now than when they were making that journey to the border.”

The mother and daughter for some reason were not separated by border patrol, unlike some unlucky families. The Puerto Cortes, Honduras resident and father told the media that a Honduran official personally told him his wife and child were incarcerated in Texas at a “family residential center,” and that they were doing “fine.”

What happened was, the mother of this girl decided to flee Honduras for a “better future” in the United States, but she didn’t even tell the girl’s father that she was about to flee. She told none of their family members and just fled.

She did float the idea, but the father didn’t support it.

“I didn’t support it. I asked her, why? Why would she want to put our little girl through that? But it was her decision at the end of the day,” he said.

According to the Daily Mail, who personally received word from the father:

“He said that Sandra had always wanted to experience ‘the American dream’ and hoped to find a good job in the States.

Denis, who works as a captain at a port on the coast of Puerto Cortes, explained that things back home were fine but not great, and that his wife was seeking political asylum.”

Sadly, she may be unaware of the fact that the US government had something to do with the worsening conditions of her own country, and that the authorities there wouldn’t care about her will to have a better life for her family.

On June 3, the mother and daughter embarked on the 1,800 mile journey, and since then the father had heard nothing.

“I never got the chance to say goodbye to my daughter and now all I can do is wait,” he continued.

Another commenter on this issue made an interesting point the other day. The creator of this video notes that some of the children who are locked up in these facilities are placed into something similar to 23 hour, solitary confinement lock-down, what people face in prison. He noted that is so traumatizing to an adult, and having experienced it himself for years in the penitentiary, he knows any child made to go through that would be incredibly traumatized.

The father of this child understands that too. This has been going on both under the administrations of Obama and Trump, and the previous administrations would surely have stooped this low on any issue they were able to get away with if the powers in higher positions wanted it to be that way.

On the border policy, he said:

“I’ve never seen it in a positive light the way others do. It violates human rights and children’s rights. Separating children from their parents is just wrong. They are suffering and are traumatized.”

“I don’t have any resentment for my wife, but I do think it was irresponsible of her to take the baby with her in her arms because we don’t know what could happen,” the father continued.

The parents actually have three other children, a 6 year old daughter named Brianna, Cindy, 11, and Wesly, 14.

“The kids see what’s happening. They’re a little worried but I don’t try to bring it up that much. They know their mother and sister are safe now.”

He heard from friends that his wife had chosen to pay a coyote, someone who smuggles others across the border, about $6000 for assistance and it failed.

“I wouldn’t risk my life for it. It’s hard to find a good job here and that’s why many people choose to leave. But I thank God that I have a good job here. And I would never risk my life making that journey,” the father said.

After trying to take a raft over the Rio Grande river into Texas, the two were caught with some other people attempting to cross the border.

Hopefully people will see the worst of this issue and realize that this is about much more than immigration.

This is about the ability for government to harvest people: this issue is about the government being able to capture children and separate them from parents, being able to forcibly inject children with multiple psychotropic drugs against the will of their parents, all for not being legally allowed to live within a certain border.

(Image credit: Daily Mail)


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