Footage Captures the Moment before US-Backed Saudi Strike Hits 40 Schoolchildren Boarding Bus

Out of the utmost respect for the victims and any people involved in this tragic conflict, please continue with caution as you read this article.

Last week, funeral ceremonies took place for the 51 Yemeni people, sadly including 40 young children, who found themselves the victims of a US-backed Saudi bombing that one might call a m**sacre.

The event happened in the war-torn Yemeni district of Saada, and cellphone footage captured by one of the children shows a sad scene, just a few moments before the coalition airstrike hit.

The airstrike hit dozens of children, excitedly boarding onto a bus for what has been described as a long awaited field trip, to celebrate their summer school graduation.

CNN obtained and published the footage (video below) last week. According to CNN, most of those children filmed on that bus lost their lives to the Saudi airstrike, less than an hour after the cellphone video was captured.

This has been going on for a long time, and people don’t know how to comprehend the situation or empathize for the most part.

Saada, Yemen. (Image credit:

The Saudi-led coalition has been the recipient of explicit, serious political and military backing from the US for a few US administrations now.

Images sent to the news outlet Al-Jazeera by Yemen’s Houthi rebels seem to imply that the Mark-82 bomb, of course a product from Raytheon, the massive American military contractor responsible for producing all kinds of weapons of war, was used in this airstrike. The photos have yet to be verified independently, but the observation is consistent with a lot that has taken place in the past 10 years.

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As reported by the Houthi Health Ministry, 56 children and 79 people in total were wounded in this event. The atrocious, absolutely incomprehensible crimes against children had to raise alarm bells for all those who pretend to stand for human rights, and “condemnation” was issued by the United Nations, international humanitarian groups, and a few American lawmakers. That “condemnation” from the UN or US politicians isn’t going to stop the cashflow if they want to back Saudi Arabia’s conflict with the Houthis in Yemen.

Even Al-Jazeera easily points out that the United States “has been the biggest supplier of military equipment to Riyadh, with more than $90 billion of sales recorded between 2010 and 2015.”

Obama backed all of that before Trump came into office, but what has Trump done but take creepy pictures with Saudis and glowing orbs, while enthusiastically continuing this very same strategic relationship with the Saudi regime? He openly applauded Saudi Arabia for buying more American weapons.

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Images surfaced, bubbled up from the depths of censorship on social media to show what happened in the Saudi-led coalition strike.

Although the antics and media attention behind the figurehead president Donald Trump largely detract from focus on what his actual foreign policy is, it’s an undeniable fact that his administration is backing the very same, on-going conflicts with just as atrocious if not more so, attacks on civilians as the previous administration of Barack Obama.

It’s a fact that the US is providing weapons to Saudi Arabia and has been in that type of alliance with them for a long time, as they indiscriminately k**l men, women, children, and Houthi militants in Yemen. The conflict is complicated and we people not from Yemen can only put this puzzle together to the best of our ability, observing a tragic, incomprehensible atrocity from a distance, but some things are utterly obvious: innocent people are losing their lives to forces led by Saudi Arabia.


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