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How Iran Looked before the Islamic Revolution In 24 Photos


How Iran Looked before the Islamic Revolution In 24 Photos

The nation of Iran is one with many distinguishing qualities. Understanding Iran’s role in the geopolitical “chessboard” that the planet has been turned into, in the oligarchical phrasing of Zbigniew Brzezinski, is essential to understanding our entire situation on Earth.

On one hand, Iran is a country to be praised for its firm rejection of attempts at takeover by the Western powers that be. On the contrary, it is ruled by a government that no doubt subjects its citizens to rules they shouldn’t have to follow, in accordance with the Islamic law that governs the country.

The flavor of culture that just so happened to reject the wave of overthrown governments in the Middle East just happened to be Islamic. Throughout the rest of the world, the regimes who happened to be at odds with the West were often communist or socialist.

On one hand, Iran isn’t scared to officially teach its people that the world is run by a gang of criminals at the top of the pyramid. On the other hand, they subject their own people to living the life they believe in, religiously. However when it comes to Iran, it’s no kind of religious dictatorship like Saudi Arabia.

From the mainstream media to the clickbaity Western media articles, they are quick to condemn Iran as some flamboyant violator of human rights. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia is the epitome of religious tyranny, barely only now allowing women to even drive vehicles. Saudi Arabia is a firm ally of the US, Israel, and all the rest.

It’s true that women cannot freely dress as they want in Iran, and they have to wear a hijab.

These photos highlight the way Iran was in the brief window of time that Western influence penetrated the country after the US and UK forcefully removed their government from power in the 1950’s.

For a little while, that Western culture thrived in Iran. It’s difficult to explain without being biased toward one side, but this is the story of what happened to Iran. The region has historically been known as Persia, and it is of course home to one of the oldest recorded civilizations on planet Earth.

Iran withstood the force of colonialism for just about the entire time it ravaged the planet. It remained independent while much of the world was taken by brute force, by colonial European powers.

India was conquered by the British, South America was conquered by the Spanish, Africa was conquered by the Dutch and several other colonial powers, and Middle Eastern areas such as Syria were conquered by the French in the ruins of the Ottoman Empire, but not Iran.

Iran remained one of the most powerful states in the world in the 1700’s, under Nader Shah.

It wasn’t until after World War 2, 1953 when the US and UK tried to overthrow the historically well defended regime. And guess what? It took 26 years for the puppet regime they put in to collapse, but ultimately they failed: that’s why they want to conquer Iran so badly now. They never once managed to take Iran, except for that 26 year period between 1953 and 1979. They say the area around Iran-Pakistan is the place where empires go to die.

In 1979, the grip of Western hegemony was once again lifted from Iran when an Islamic Revolution occurred, resulting in the modern day state of Iran. They managed to remain independent from the giant powerstructure, but it was at the expense of true freedom for the residents of Iran because the government was Islamic. Just as the governments of Cuba and Russia are not to be praised for the way they treat citizens, neither is Iran, but all of them stand opposed to the worst powers on Earth.

Remember: the French conquered Syria, the British ruled Palestine, and this was the way it was after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The Dutch conquered areas of Africa, and so did the other colonial powers. It was the British who conquered nearly the entire world.

Believe it or not, territorial debates run centuries deep. In Israel, they claim the dispute is millennia-deep.

So this is the truth: Iran’s government shouldn’t subject their people to restrictive, religious laws, but other allies of the US do it worse. Iran shouldn’t do that, but also understand they want to shield their people from unwanted Western influence, because they understand that the western, mainstream media and pop culture is designed to rot the brain, to create complacency and make citizens lesser men and women.

Iran is also dangerous to the powers that be because they culturally tend to understand the ills of hedonism, pop culture, and the fact that it is purposefully saturated into Western culture for the purpose of making people docile.

They understand that, and Iran’s leaders are willing to be strict in order to try and shield their culture from the corrosive influence of the West. That doesn’t make their laws morally sound, however.

That’s a sort of paradox. The fact is, no government on Earth is a friend to the common people.

(Image credit: Daily Mail)


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