Matador Is Gored To Death By Bull After Fatal Slip In Ring

By: Rita Sobot via

A SPANISH bullfighter died after he TRIPPED on his cloak and was then fatally gored in the side when he fell to the ground.

Ivan Fandino, 36, was killed during a bull-running festival in Aire-sur-l’Adour in the southwest of France.

Witnesses said he was using his cloak to entice the bull to charge when his feet became entangled in the material and he could not free himself in time.

Fandino, who came from Orduna in Bizkaia, was stabbed in his lung in front of a horrified crowd.

He was rushed to the bullring’s infirmary and then on to a hospital in Mont de Marsan.

It is understood his heart stopped when in the ambulance and on his arrival doctors could not save him.

Spanish matador Ivan Fandino is carried out of the arena after being impaled by a bull at the Corrida des Fetes

Fandino wanted to become a bullfighter from the age of 14, even though it was not a family tradition, and made his debut in 2005.

The last Spanish bullfighter who died due to a goring in the ring was Victor Barrio, who was killed at the age of 29 after being gored in the bullring in Teruel on July 9, 2016.

He was the first Spanish matador to die in the arena since 1992.

Fandino had been invited to take part in the 18th elebration of the San Isidro Fair.

A shocked colleague said: “It’s a tragedy.

“We just do not know how it could have happened.”

Tributes are flooding in on the social network sites, with rancher Victorino Martin tweeting: “Our friend and great bullfighter Ivan Fandino dies in France.

“A great loss for the world of bullfighting. We are dismayed.”

Last month a young bullfighter is fighting for his life after being gored through the throat, face and tongue after his debut tournament went horribly wrong.

Daniel García Navarrete, aged 23, was pierced several times in Spain’s biggest arena, Las Ventas in Madrid.


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