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Mom Refuses to Pay Babysitter, Rips Her Off and Blocks her, so She Shows “Deleted” Texts


Mom Refuses to Pay Babysitter, Rips Her Off and Blocks her, so She Shows “Deleted” Texts

Recently, headlines were made based around a post on Reddit made by a user named VortexThing, where the user explained how her sister had been promised pay after a day of babysitting some kids, but the mother completely ripped her off.

Ripping her off suburb-style, the woman acted as if she couldn’t remember promising to pay a certain hourly fee for the babysitter taking care of her children.

It’s a very petty thing to make news articles out of, and much worse things happen on a daily basis: but for those who need to recognize this flavor of ripoff, this is a suburban mom jack move. This is the exchange that took place between the babysitter and the woman who ripped her off.

(Image credit: Reddit/Bored Panda)

(Image credit: Reddit/Bored Panda)

(Image credit: Reddit/Bored Panda)

(Image credit: Reddit/Bored Panda)

So in the comments, people clamored for her to go to “small claims court” and retrieve the money she was owed through the force of the state.

(Image credit: Reddit/Bored Panda)

(Image credit: Reddit/Bored Panda)

Needless to say, in this world a person trying to acquire what is owed to them are bound to find the state, “small claims court” to be a pretty ineffective way to handle the situation. Maybe some people would have no qualms about taking a person into court for such a thing.

The solution really is prevention, in a situation like this. How does a person respond to being ripped off in the real world, without using government force to try and protect themselves? It gets drastic where people don’t call the police, trying to obtain what is owed to them.

In a situation like this, it would be wise for people to walk into the job and ask for the payment upfront, or confirm for a second time the terms of the agreement.

The solution for this type of situation is an assertive yet positive attitude. Understanding that at any time, a person can be disingenuous, is something that people would be well advised to carry with them in general, in this world.

When a culture of people (or an individual) happens to be particularly docile, or unwilling to exercise assertiveness and that type of attitude, serious problems can occur. For one, a government (with its corporate sponsors and allies) that views its population as docile and completely unwilling to assert themselves and say no, is bound to abuse that population and use them for who knows what.

There are places in the world where frustration is brewing because of that cultural dynamic. The fact is, on a small scale in interpersonal relationships, this is the dynamic, and this is the dynamic on a larger scale when it comes to the government and the people as well.

The dynamic is, when people are weak, docile, or lack assertiveness, even when it seems like they don’t need to be particularly defensive, sometimes they can get used, or ripped off.

This culture of assertiveness is something that everyone on Earth badly needs, it’s something the civilian population and “lower class” has needed for the entirety of recorded history, if you think about what that really means.

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Adam Goldberg is a researcher and writer from New York. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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