North Korea hits back at U.S., calls Trump administration ‘racist’

The government of North Korea seems to be exercising a new strategy they have in the information war against the US and it’s allies: call the Trump administration racist.

The mainstream media is reporting that North Korea “struck back” at the US recently, with accusations that the Trump administration is essentially a club of billionaires that operates with a “policy of racism,” and they deny proper health coverage and freedom of the press in the country.

Now if you look at this dichotomy from a balanced perspective, the enemy of the enemy is not necessarily the friend. Do people really think North Korea doesn’t deny freedom of the press, true “health coverage” (protection of the body’s natural ability to function with vitamins and minerals, ect), to its people? I think the administrations of both countries would be racist, murderous, whatever else to preserve their power: it’s power.

Trump is doing the exact same thing as Obama, bombing hundreds of innocent civilians and serving the agenda of the elite but their opponents are not necessarily the friend of American citizens either.

For example, the US government under Trump continues bombing the sh*t out of Yemen, killing innocent civilians in support of Saudi Arabia’s human rights-non-concerned monarchy. Recently Julian Assange made headlines blasting the US’ “subservience” to Saudis as Trump’s administration “tripled” drone strikes on Yemen.

Recently, Trump bombed Pakistan and angered its government.

So how easy is it for North Korea to exploit these facts and criticize the figurehead of the deeper powerstructure that moves through Donald Trump? Very easy: and it is also easy for the US government to criticize North Korea because they don’t respect their civilians at all either, in a much worse way in many regards.

So North Korea released a paper recently titled the “White Paper on Human Rights Violations in the U.S. in 2017.” It was issued by the Institute of International Studies in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), presumably a government academic institution. A government is a government: it’s an entity that usually seems to just prey on civilians.

The paper didn’t really refer to the nuclear missile programs or the international sanctions imposed against North Korea which constitute a main reason why Kim can really justify the people of NK starving.

Trump tried to hype a conflict with North Korea for whatever larger structure of power that controls him, calling North Korea’s leadership depraved in his first State of Union speech to congress recently. He noted the country’s nuclear missiles could “very soon threaten our homeland,” vowing to prevent it.

“Racial discrimination and misanthropy are serious maladies inherent to the social system of the U.S., and they have been aggravated since Trump took office,” the North Korea paper reported.

“The racial violence that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12 is a typical example of the acme of the current administration’s policy of racism,” it continued.

The newspaper noted quite correctly that Trump had filled his cabinet will billionaires filled with interests contrary to the alleged authority of government. According to Reuters:

“Trump, who took office a year ago, had filled his cabinet with billionaires, it said, citing U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnunchin and Secretary of Defense James Mattis. “The total assets of public servants at the level of deputy secretary and above of the current administration are worth $14 billion,” the paper said.

North Korea’s paper said that genuine freedoms of the press and of expression did not exist in the United States and that crackdowns against the media had intensified in the past year. More people have joined the ranks of the unemployed and the homeless, it said. The United State is one of few countries that have failed to offer paid maternity leave, and many sick citizens cannot afford to pay their medical fees, it added.”

So what is going on? The US has an interest in hyping threats from North Korea to justify military spending and whatever else. The truth is, they’re active in bombing Yemen and suppressing rebel movements to their Saudi allies and others abroad.

When the powers that be show you something with one hand, look at the other hand.

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