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Odd Pulses from Antarctica Detected hitting Hawaii Hurricane and Japan Typhoon


Odd Pulses from Antarctica Detected hitting Hawaii Hurricane and Japan Typhoon

In a video from weather watcher and researcher MrMBB333, one of the best ones I’ve personally ever seen, some strange anomalies were captured. They seem to come from Antarctica, and straightforward strike two of the worst storms on the planet at this moment, near Japan and near Hawaii, like pulses of electromagnetic energy.

On the radar in which you can see the ebb and flow of particles and waves on Earth, the researcher captured two strange anomalies that seem to indicate some kind of energy beaming through the two storm systems, in different parts of the Pacific Ocean.

For Hurricane Hector which is currently headed for Hawaii, this odd blast of energy that apparently came from Antarctica was captured (that is, unless it’s some fluke of the radar or natural thing that happens with magnetism and hurricanes).

A little background information about Hurricane Hector can be taken from Yahoo:

“A tropical storm warning has been issued for the Big Island of Hawaii as Hurricane Hector bears down on the state.

Hurricane Hector is now a Category 4 hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph and gusts up to 160 mph.

It looks like Hector will continue to slowly weaken as we head through the next 24 to 48 hours as it approaches the Big Island.”

For Typhoon Shanshan, currently headed for Japan, this unusual spike of energy was detected on the radar in the same period of time, also coming from Antarctica.

This hurricane was described by AFP:

“A powerful typhoon was churning towards Japan on Wednesday, prompting the weather agency to warn of heavy rain and strong winds and forcing airlines to cancel scores of flights.

Typhoon Shanshan was expected to move along the Pacific coastline just east of Tokyo Wednesday night through early Thursday, sparking fears the busy morning commute in the capital could be disrupted.”

People who are familiar with the theories of geoengineering, or weather modification, may have an idea of exactly what this is. But for people who haven’t heard, this is what it looks like to us.

“HAARP,” popularized by the well written book “Angels Don’t Play this HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology,” is a facility in Alaska that is said to now be largely inactive, but it’s a prime example of what a facility to aid in weather modification is. HAARP blasted waves of energy through the atmosphere.

Geoengineering author Peter A. Kirby describes the book that inspired his work in a review:

“Begich and Manning lay it all on the table. They write about HAARP’s origins and history. They write about the HAARP facility’s ability to: generate earthquakes, modify the weather, control people’s minds, map the Earth’s interior, generate ultra-powerful laser like power beams, transmit wireless power, and more. Sure, these technologies can be used benevolently, but when they are in the hands of our military, the emphasis is on killing people and breaking stuff. We’re concerned that these technologies are being used against the American people.

“Angels Don’t Play this HAARP” is a great example of good old American muckraking journalism from a very capable duo.”

The theory goes that HAARP-type facilities blast a certain type of electromagnetic energy into the stratosphere, as the stratosphere is lined with very fine particles of aluminum, barium, strontium, and other other materials to move and manipulate weather systems. It’s, metallic particles + energy = weather modification, to state it simply.

This is one of the most solid theories to explain the hazed out, ch*mtr*iled skies and odd weather the world has been seeing for the past several decades.

If people take the time to really analyze what is happening with the weather, with simple tools like open source satellite images, it’s plain to see some strange things are going on.

Would you fly an airplane over a hurricane? Either some people did during the hurricanes last year in 2017, or the skies were sprayed very close to the perimeter of the hurricanes that struck the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.

This was all documented by San Francisco based geoengineering researcher Patrick Roddie, who used the open source tool Google Earth to document hazed out skies and wave interference patterns, thought to be associated with that energy being beamed through the particles in the sky.

In fact the observations about wavy patterns and hazed out skies over the hurricanes last year were so prolific, an interview about it was translated into various languages and reported internationally.

In conclusion, lots of evidence that is extremely taboo in the mainstream suggests that hurricanes may be engineered with geoengineering technology, for purposes that would require much more thought to get into and understand.

(Image credit: MrMB333)

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Adam Goldberg is a researcher and writer from New York. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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