Angry Bull Scalps One-Eyed Matador in Front of Crowd

Somehow tapping into perhaps centuries and centuries of karma, or people’s perception of that, an already previously injured one-eyed matador was scalped by an angry bull recently.

It was caught on camera, and it’s not something anybody would be well advised to look at.

Last week, a 45 year old matador named Juan Jose Padilla suffered from being attacked by a bull, after already having a long history of being gorged in the past.

His eye was taken out about 7 years ago in 2011 when he was attacked by a bull, and he is lucky to still be alive after what he just went through. Yes, he actually survived while it looked as if his scalp was ripped off.

In front of a large crowd in Northern Spain, he was attacked. The tradition is frowned upon, and for good reason.

When Padilla accidentally lost his balance in his act of taunting the bull, the animal quickly seized that little moment of weakness and went in for the attack.

Good Samaritan people began to try and save the man by distracting the bull, but they didn’t really manage to stop it from slamming its huge horns straight into the matador’s head, tearing open his scalp and flipping his body over violently.

As you can see in footage that you really shouldn’t watch, the man can be seen trying to contain his injuries and hold his head while another bullfighter uses his cloth, or muleta to try and distract or block the bull so he didn’t completely kill the man.

After the man messing with a bull for the entertainment of other people was rescued from the situation with the bull, he was promptly rushed to the hospital, and doctors gave him confirmation that he hadn’t actually suffer from brain damage or anything too serious.

However, he had to receive a whopping 40 stitches to his head, and somehow through all the blood loss and chaos he managed to stay conscious.

He posted to Facebook to say:

“Many thanks to all the followers of the page for their love and demonstrated support.

I am very well and I want to reassure everyone that my condition after the accident is favourable because I feel very well.

Now I’m in Seville and I’m waiting for Dr. García-Perla to take care of me, who’s going to check my wound, explore it again and he will advise me how to continue with the recovery.

I have been overwhelmed by so many expressions of affection, respect and encouragement as much towards me as my family did, and I want to thank all those who have been able to recover from the mishap suffered on Saturday in Arévalo.”

This guy still isn’t going to stop. He’s still going to try and do another bull event, the Pamplona San Fermin festival where people gather and run away from bulls that are loose on the streets, ready to stomp people.

In the past, this “sport” has been more cruel and vicious, but it’s still kind of morally complicated. What’s your opinion of bull fighting?

(Image credit: Daily Mail, Unilad)


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