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Press These Points to Treat Pain – A Microcosm of your Body, in the Palm of your Hand


Press These Points to Treat Pain – A Microcosm of your Body, in the Palm of your Hand

Have you ever touched a certain part of your hand, or your face, and felt a sensation in a completely different part of the body as if some nerve or muscle connected those two points on your body?

Based on that type of experience, something has emerged where people press points on their palm, to try and treat pain or ailments in different parts of the body. To be fair, it looks more like entertainment than something that would genuinely work as much as it needs to, but it’s certainly worth a try. It’s difficult to find tangible evidence that certain points on your palm are connected to other parts of the body, but a variety of interesting articles have been published, assigning meaning to different parts of the hand.

Images like this one were presented, explaining how to press points on your palm.

(Image credit: healthyfoodhouse)

An article about this started off by noting that trying to press points on your palm is a whole lot more harmless than taking the allopathic, pharmaceutical treatment that big pharma presents us with. That’s definitely true, it’s not easy to hurt yourself pressing on your palms.

Apparently the beliefs of reflexology are based on a practice that comes from the Middle East. Drake Eqing, MS, LAc, a licensed acupuncturist and reflexologist from the Bastyr University in Seattle said:

“The pressure applied during reflexology is meant to facilitate a physiological response in the body. Reflexology is a type of health care that has been used for thousands of years.”

It’s his claim that over 7,000 nerve endings are located in the feet, meaning that practicing beneficial reflexology on them as well could benefit the central nervous system, possibly even altering or “interrupting” the way people feel pain.

(Image credit: powerofpositivity)

An article about this by Dr. Farrah Agustin-Bunch assigns meaning to various parts of the hand, so if you find this information to be credible, here is what the parts of the hand are supposed to represent.

(Image credit: drfarrahmd)

Center of Palm

This spot is said to be associated with stomach regulation, possibly alleviating digestive problems or abdominal pain if you receive some refloxology treatment at this point.

Lower, Fleshy Part of the Palm

The thick part of your palm is supposed to be related to the heart, and endocrine function, which means your hormones.

Exterior of the Palm

Appendix issues can allegedly be helped by this part, as well as blood sugar levels. The evidence for this has not been presented, to be fair.


It was claimed that the thumb is tied to the stomach, and the spleen. For some reason they said people suffering from depression or anxiety can be helped by this. Honestly people have to overcome anxiety and depression within their own emotions, realistically people are not going to find a holy grail of treatment for depression by pressing their thumbs. This was probably the first item mentioned in an article about this because many people suffer from anxiety and depression, and this notion can attract the attention of some people.

Index Finger

The index finger is supposedly tied to the kidneys, and the bladder. An article about this claimed that “Likewise, it can also help you manage fear, confusion, and disappointment. Pressing this spot you can also get rid of back problems, toothaches, muscle pains, and heartburn.”

Don’t get it wrong, fear is something that you handle within your own mind and spirit if you believe in that, it makes much more sense to try reflexology for the treatment of physical pain, not emotional.

Middle Finger

The middle finger is used to treat anger and frustration, when you show it to people with the rest of your fingers in a fist, it can help treat agitation. Just kidding: in articles about this it is said to be tied to the liver and gallbladder. Ironically the article actually did say problems with your temper can be improved by pressing on your middle finger.

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