Vladimir Putin Sends Message to Globalists via Megyn Kelly about Election Interference Allegations

By: Sublimecraft via abovetopsecret.com

This is new, recorded at the St Petersberg International Economic Forum yesterday.

This is a shot across the bow – a clear message back to Clinton, the DNC, the IC and US main stream media. Megyn asks him about the Russian interference allegations, and she gets her response(s).

“I read those [US intelligence] reports,” he said. “Even in those reports, there is no specific evidence, no facts. Just assumptions, allegations, and conclusions based on allegations. Nothing more. If there is something specific, concrete, we could discuss that.”

Putin went on to point out how the US is constantly meddling in Russia’s affairs and interfering in their politics.

“Look at your colleagues, what they are doing here,” he said to Megyn Kelly. “They are all over our domestic policy, they’re sitting on our head, dangling their feet and chewing a bubble gum. Entertaining themselves.”

“It’s a systematic, rude and absolutely unceremonious interference in our domestic policies that lasts for many years, also at a diplomatic level,” Putin said.

I can’t wait to see how this is going to be reported in the MSM, if at all.

13 minutes long, enjoy …

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