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Scientists Discover Connection Between Eye Color and Personality – What’s Yours?


Scientists Discover Connection Between Eye Color and Personality – What’s Yours?

Eye color is something that is very basic and innately interesting to people. Therefore it’s interesting for some to discover that a characteristic as seemingly insignificant physically such as eye color can actually be a result of certain characteristics.

Physically, an absence or excess of a certain mineral or vitamin can be linked to things like eye color. A certain balance in the body can be observed through the features of the eyes.

However, some researchers have even explored the link between eye color and personality. Scientists from Orebro University in Sweden published a study that examines links between a person’s personality and the pattern of their iris.

Surprisingly they reported that eye color is under the influence of the same genes that form the frontal lobes in our brains. The frontal lobe is a region of the brain associated with “higher thinking,” empathy, and some positive and deep things in people.

Here are some possible characteristics of people with different eye colors.

Dark Brown Eyes

People with dark brown eyes are supposed to be leaders, like the personality of Capricorn in astrology if you’re familiar with that. A very dark iris, nearly black, is supposed to be rare. A study published in Current Psychology reports that people with very dark eyes are supposed to be particularly agreeable.

Darker eyes are associated with more melanin in the body, found in people with dark skin. Melanin is a positive thing, an insulator for neurons in the brain.

Brown Eyes

People with regular, brown eyes are supposed to be loyal, respectful, quiet and trustworthy but not necessarily passive. A study was published by Chronobiology International, which reported that people with regular brown eyes were found to sleep 2 hours less than those with light colored eyes, also having a difficult time waking up in the morning.

Blue Eyes

The qualities exhibited by people with blue eyes is reported to be “strength,” while people think you are not resilient. A team of German psychologists once found that children with blue eyes tend to be not so open minded, “wary of new things.”

Grey Eyes

Grey eyes are particularly uncommon. Dark grey eyes are supposed to be associated with being a “two sided coin” type of person, like the archetype represented by the astrology sign Gemini. To different people, you might be like a different person. How you feel in a particular moment may be a large factor in how you are.

People with light grey eyes are supposed to “have to work hard in life” to achieve goals, staying sort of in a defensive mode, but with a big heart inside the shell, like the archetype represented by the astrology sign Cancer.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are kind of like a mix between green and brown. These people are supposed to not jump to extremes, but not much has been published about them.

Green Eyes

Green eyes are supposed to “appear mysterious, sexy and alluring. They have proportioned amount of melanin which makes them agreeable yet dominant, strong yet cautious,” according to one article about this.

Ophthalmologist Surgeon Doctor Hamadi Kallel claimed that people in possession of green eyes are “original, creative and perform well under great pressure.” He added that green eyed people have “an air of mystery and a quiet self-sufficiency.”

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