The Super Blue Blood Moon Is Making People Feel Extra Moody

Much to the surprise of people who believe in astrology, who are used to a culture of skepticism when it comes to planetary phenomena affecting the mood or health of people on Earth, the mainstream media actually reported that this eclipse today could affect people’s mood (which they also refer to as a “blood moon” since 2014’s blood moons, because during a full moon eclipse the moon turns red).

For example, an article from Unilad is titled “The Super Blue Blood Moon Is Making People Feel Extra Moody.” Reading from it:

“A ‘super blue blood moon’ sounds pretty cool, and it is, and to break it down – the ‘super’ bit means the moon is closer to Earth than usual, ‘blue’ means it’s the second full moon of the month, and the ‘blood’ part is down to the moon’s reddish hue.

But there’s one extra thing, it’s making people moody. Previous research has suggested the lunar cycle can have a huge effect on how much sleep you get at night.

And, according to Science Direct, full moons have been linked to a lack of deep sleep. – which means…. grumps.”

So now academic level research can be presented in even a mainstream article to confirm that celestial events such as eclipses can affect human behavior.

If one is to delve into this realm of possibility, why not take it from the perspective of some astrologers?

An astrologer would say that during this particular eclipse, themes of social tension, aggravation, but also genius, thinker, revolutionary type of energy would be present in the air. That’s because the eclipse in Aquarius and Leo, the signs of the Sun and Uranus, very conviction-filled, electric energy, made a harsh square to Jupiter in Scorpio, with the eclipse also aligned with Venus in Aquarius.

The chart for the exact peak of the eclipse is as follows. It peaked around 5 am Pacific time.


An astrologer would tell you that this entire year is themed with facing stacked up past difficulties, and resolving internal struggles. That would be the domain of Scorpio: and Jupiter is in Scorpio this year, as it takes 12 years for Jupiter to complete a revolution around the Sun and so it perfectly hits each one of the 12 zodiac constellations each year.

With an eclipse in Aquarius and Leo, square Jupiter in Scorpio, one might find that this represents the struggle between a couple different energies: the fixed, head strong, potentially genius or revolutionary, fiery bold energy within us that wants to ignore problems and march forward (for a better purpose or not a better purpose), and this Scorpio energy that is more introverted, more feeling of emotions ranging from love to dread, and there is a conflict between this headstrong fiery energy and the somber, possibly dreadful need to stop and reflect.

A wide range of astrologers can be found on YouTube, some of which have a more interesting perspective on the way planets can beam the energy of a certain sign and make us feel it on Earth.

One video from Edwin Learnard examines Jupiter in Scorpio, this planetary placement in 2018 that is supposed to demand us reflect, relax, stop and have alone time to think things through.


So if you’re going to believe mainstream media when they cite scientific links to support the theory of astrology, consider what passionate astrologers have to say.

This eclipse could represent an internal struggle in people, between the headstrong, fiery, non-feeling will to push forward, and the need to stop, relax, and have alone time to recuperate and rest.

They essentially suggest the eclipse will be a point of progress, of pronounced feeling in this dynamic spiritually taking place in people in 2018.

Astrology essentially theorizes that people have internal battles on a small scale, and people have external, larger “battles” and experiences in which the collective of humanity is influenced quietly by celestial phenomena, like the planets and stars are a kind of physical clockwork for the spirit.

(Image credit: Planet Watcher)

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