Teen Dies As Rollercoaster Breaks And Throws Him 30ft Through The Air

A teen died as rollercoaster breaks and throws him 30ft on July 27, 2017. A ride malfunction in Ohio has killed one and left another three fighting for their lives.

An 18-year-old man, who is yet to be named, was killed when part of the ride he was sat on, snapped off and slammed into the ground, causing the teenager to die on impact.

From unilad:

The terrifying incident took place at Ohio’s State Fair, on the ride ‘Fire Ball’, shortly before 7:30pm.

The ride combines a swinging and spinning motion, hurling people back and forth through the air while moving around in circles.

One of the people treated at the scene was a child under the age of 13 reports the Daily Mail.

In a video posted online to Instagram, First Aid workers can be seen attending to those injured in the aftermath of the accident.


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