Terror Attack in London: Van Rams Into People, Victims Stabbed, Shots Fired

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London Bridge has been placed on lockdown after a van reportedly ploughed into a crowd of pedestrians in what is feared to be a terror attack.

The bridge has been closed in both directions while armed police investigate the “major incident”.

Witnesses at the scene reported seeing a white van drive into a number of pedestrians just before 10.30pm on Saturday evening.

There were also unconfirmed reports of a knife attack on passers-by and possible gunfire following the vehicle crash, with bodies strewn across the pavement in the aftermath.

Authorities are warning people to avoid the area and the station has been shut.

Footage from the scene showed police vehicles surrounding the bridge while pedestrians are ordered to clear the area as quickly as possible.

Will Heaven, who was in an Uber passing London Bridge minutes after the incident, told Sky News: “It was about 10 past 10. I was in the back of an Uber cab driving south over London Bridge.

“Suddenly on the left hand side on the bridge there was somebody down on the pavement with a small crowd around them, clearly concerned. I thought someone had collapsed.

“We drove a little further over the bridge. There was another person in the road itself. The penny dropped that something quite serious was happening.

“The traffic came to a standstill. The Uber driver said something bad is happening here. We could hear sirens coming.

“A driver of a black cab said there has been a terrorist attack. They saw there were numerous people in the road. A second cab driver said there has been a series of stabbings”.

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