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The Incredible Story Of The Girl Who Became A Human Barbie Doll


The Incredible Story Of The Girl Who Became A Human Barbie Doll

(90) Valeria Lukyanova was like any other little girl when she was growing up; she was obsessed with Barbie dolls. Yet unlike her friends, Valeria’s fascination with the pretty plastic doll didn’t fade.

The story of the girl from Ukraine who grew up to become a real-life Barbie doll is a strange one. Since reaching her teens, she has dedicated her entire life to becoming the human Barbie, and won’t stop until she reaches the perfection she desires.

But exactly how did Valeria’s obsession transpire to an unhealthy relationship with body image? From her spiritual beliefs to her strict diet, discover more about her incredible journey below. How did she become known as the world’s first real-life Barbie doll?

1. Just a normal girl

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Valeria Lukyanova was born in Moldovian SSR which was part of the Soviet Union until 1985. Shortly after she was born, however, she moved to Odessa, Ukraine, where she spent her entire childhood and most her adult life. Here is Valeria as a naturally pretty young girl before she became addicted to looking ‘perfect’. As she reached her teens, she started to experiment more with makeup and liked to recreate her Mattel Barbie doll. But no one could have guessed how her love of makeup would turn into a dangerous addiction.

2. Pre-Barbie

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Valeria was very naturally pretty before she embarked on her journey to becoming the real-life Barbie. As a teenager she had a more ‘gothic’ look, but as time went on she begin to obsess over looking ‘perfect’. At this point in her life it was unclear what would trigger her unhealthy obsession with body image.

3. Gothic ways

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Prior to the real-life Barbie the world knows today, Valeria spent her early teenage years being interested in witchcraft. She would always dress in a gothic style and had a very dark personality. But she soon grew out of her gloomy ways and turned her attentions to the world of makeup.

4. What was the trigger?

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Overall, Valeria had a happy and normal childhood. She was from a middle class Russian family and never really had any troubles in her home life. Her father, Valery Lukyanov, was a successful builder and her mother, Irina Pashkeeva, was employed in the army.

5.  A desire for more

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Her dad Valery always had a passion for music and was a part time DJ alongside his building work. Although it was something he loved to do, he couldn’t really support his family or pay the rent from the money he was making. Valeria became inspired to not follow in her parents’ footsteps and settle for a ‘regular job’ to pay the bills. The blonde teen was after something bigger and better in her own life.

6. A collection of Barbie dolls

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Another probable trigger in Valeria’s transformation was her huge collection of Barbie dolls. She has even admitted that for as long as she can remember she has been obsessed with dolls, and believes they are truly magical. As a young girl she had a huge collection of Barbies and her love of them never tired.

7. The modelling career path

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Valeria’s desire to look her best soon turned into a day job – she signed a contract with a modelling agency. Being five feet seven inches tall with a beautifully symmetrical face made her the perfect candidate to become a successful model. She was finally on her way to achieving the glamorous life she had so long desired.

8. Beauty pageant star

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Despite thoroughly enjoying her modelling career, in 2007 Valeria made the decision to showcase her talents in the beauty pageant world. She was crowned Miss Diamond Crown of the World at an international competition. She was photographed by many agencies and onlookers at the event who noticed her beauty. She was finally getting the attention she had always craved.

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