The Top 10 Safest Countries To Be In If World War 3 Breaks Out

For the past several years, articles have been published about the safest countries to be in if “World War III” popped off.

This is a truthful critique and revision of what have been called the 10 safest places to be in if World War III were to pop off.

1. Fiji Islands

Ever had Fiji water? Well, these small islands are considered by some to be a decent place to be safe if World War 3 were to pop off. It’s not as unsafe as other locations on this list, but it’s not of zero importance to the powers that be.

For example, recently the US announced they wanted to strengthen ties with Fiji, saying it is of “vital importance.” That can’t be good.

2. Ireland

Ireland is and has been firmly under the control of the British monarchy for centuries, despite what you might have heard. They aren’t far from a major center of power: why would people think this place would be safe in a World War 3 type situation?

3. Malta

Malta is a tiny island in the Mediterranean, and articles claim that it would be a decent place to hide out during World War 3 because an invasion would be costly

Wrong: Malta is a location that has been historically, so deeply tied to some of the powers that rule the world and would be participating in WWIII today, I find it very unlikely that they’d allow some people to prosper in Malta.

Haven’t people heard of the Knights Templar, or the Order of Malta? The entire Mediterranean, especially the coastal regions that were once Phoenicia, are unsafe if you know who runs the West and what they revere and appreciate. They revere the old borders of Phoenicia.

4. Denmark

To think Denmark would be neutral during war is completely ignorant to the events of the past several years. In Libya, Denmark participated in military operations alongside the US about about 19 other countries. Denmark is ruled by a monarchy, and people are taxed nearly 50% there.

Not to mention, not a soul would probably be armed and willing to engage in self defense in this country where the ruling elite is so incredibly strong. Europe is Europe.

5. Iceland

Iceland is notorious for being peaceful and neutral: far too notorious. Any fool who Google searched “safest country in the world” could come across Iceland. What happens when the country doesn’t allow people who don’t think a certain way to receive food, on an island with probably very straightforward imports and exports? Trust nothing.

6. Chile

South America is a better choice for anybody seeking to avoid the grips of tyranny, but Chile is one of the most Westernized countries in South America. They are firmly allied with the UN an that side of power.

7. Bhutan

A mountainous region bordering China and India, this place just might be a little more low key than the rest. But don’t forget, the enemy of the enemy isn’t the friend: China is much worse than the US in many respects.

8. New Zealand

This is another one of the most absurd items on this list. New Zealand has laws that are almost identical to Australia, and both are Commonwealth nations under the rule of the British Monarchy.

New Zealand is the site of majorly disturbing, morally reprehensible mass murder of animals with poison pellets.

Soon, an artificial intelligence killing machine or several of them will be deployed to the wilderness in New Zealand to deploy poison pellets at all small mammals, in an effort to kill off nearly all mammals in the country because “none of them are native.”

New Zealand does not have a culture that is friendly to freedom, self defense, or anything like that and it is firmly allied with the West. It’s one of the worst, in fact, what you’ve heard is completely false about it being some paradise.

9. Tuvalu

See this one is better, because I haven’t heard of it. It’s a small island which has a population that is more self sufficient than usual. That sounds better than a lot of options: self sufficiency is good, a culture of self defense, independence, and freedom is good.

10. Switzerland

If people think Switzerland is safe, they don’t know who runs the world. Bankers run Switzerland, and they have for a long time. The powers that be on the Western side love this country in the middle of Europe.

By the way, it’s not true that people have a culture that is friendly to guns in Switzerland. People have to lock up their guns away from their homes and they are subject to all kinds of ridiculous laws.

In conclusion, people don’t know what places will be safe in a World War 3 type scenario because they fail to understand the powers that would participate in such a war, or what that war would really be.

Some would say that “World War 3” is a war against the civilians of Earth, the “bottom class” and it is being perpetrated by the wealthy, with chemicals, poison, chemicals that cause infertility and tactics of division and degradation. It’s an insidious war.

(Image credit: luxurylifedesign., wallpapercave, commons.wikimedia, visitdenmark, wallpaperssea, ideapod)


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