A Video Shows Penguin Catching His Wife Cheating On Him: Heartbreaking

“A f*ght breaks out when a husband comes home and finds his wife with another penguin,” an article said.

There’s something inherently disturbing about infidelity. Polls have reported that over 90 percent of Americans at least hold a belief that infidelity is unacceptable. However some people must not be applying the golden rule to their morality, because polls also report that 30-40% of people in general engage in infidelity.

It’s common sense what the consequences are of cheating or being cheated on, but if you need statistics it is associated with divorce, depression, domestic violence, and the worst things you can imagine. It’s just something that is inherently dark.

This isn’t just true for human beings, as one bizarre, characterful video shows. A National Geographic program captured something fairly disturbing but also touching and heartbreaking in penguins. They observed a penguin cheating on her partner with another male penguin.

In the three minute clip from a National Geographic program, it is explained by the narrator:

“Every September, 200,000 penguins flock here to fix up their nests and breed. Life here is good. But this husband has come home to find his wife with another penguin. He flips out. His strategy is simple: batter the homewrecker until he flees.”

The penguins fought, and once the penguins come to a stand-off apparently and the fight is brought to a close, the female penguin is left to choose her partner.

As phrased by one article, “Instead of her getting out of trouble, she choose to excuse her mistake with a devastating choice…”

It makes sense that all animals share some very similar characteristics. Have you ever thought about how strange it is that we all have similar faces with two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, from mammals, to birds, to reptiles?

An incredible amount of DNA is shared between very different animals. Human beings have a lot of the same DNA as other mammals, and it seems that is a factor in why we share similar faces and features to other mammals.

It’s also true though, that a lot of this “shared genes between mammals” theory is urban legend or unverifiable, formerly accepted “science” that is now debated. According to an answer to this question from Quora:

“The “Gene Comparison Game” is exceedingly complex, and very much a matter of interpretation, and current popular literature is rife with mythology … For example, you may have heard that “Humans and Chimpanzee genes are 98% identical” — that’s a myth, stemming from research done back in 1975, long before science knew much about the human and chimp genomes.”

There’s always a little bit of bad information in the mix, but if people use their common sense and observation even over what figures of scientific authority say, all animals have a lot in common.

Even if you look at fish for example, what do you see with the exception of extremely odd creatures? A couple of eyes and a mouth.

Life is remarkably uniform and similar sometimes, and in other ways, it is completely and wildly different from another aspect of life.

(Image credit: animalz-love, wallpapers, dailypositiveinfo)


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