Wife Sets Husband on Fire For S******* Abusing Her 7-Year-Old Daughter

In 2014, Washington State, a place not known for a steady stream of gang-related violence but more like freak incidents that are particularly unusual, something happened that has been making headlines ever since.

At the time, 40 year old Tatanysha Hedman poured gasoline all over her husband, 52 year old Vincent Phillips, due to her allegations that he was αbusiηg their 7 year old daughter, and set him on fire, as reported by the mainstream news outlet Fox2Now based out of St. Louis, Missouri.

He was asleep at the time. So, he woke up covered in flames, screaming “I’m on fire.” He ran into a convenience store out of desperation. According to investigators, the child wasn’t really his either because she was a stepchild. Hedman boldly said to investigators that simply shooting him to death for the horrific crimes would simply be “too nice.”

The man accused of sexually αbusiηg the woman’s daughter survived, but was admitted into intensive care at the hospital following the incident. He was charged with first degree child molestation, while the woman who set him on fire as revenge for her daughter’s – abuse was sent to jail over arson and assault charges.

An amazing thing sometimes happens when such a universally agreeable case of hard justice becomes public. As news of this story circulated, eventually people reached out to help the woman. A GoFundMe page was set up, and she was able to become free after she received at least $2,368.33.

A social media post on a page supporting her reported that by October 1st, 2015, she was free. This was updated and confirmed again on July 6, 2016.

This type of reaction is a thing that is present in human beings naturally like a powerful survival mechanism, and it isn’t something that can be culturally suppressed easily, the urge to go to extreme measures to defend one’s child, despite efforts of social engineers and people in power to sort of neuter people into a culture where self defense isn’t even acceptable or held as a virtue, as is the case in some Commonwealth nations.

America has its flaws, but as an American who has now traveled and seen the cultures of other countries, I can safely say there is still one thing to be revered about American culture: the good-hearted, extreme self defense type thing, it’s alive and well there. It doesn’t have to desire revenge, or be negative, or be too intense, but there’s a very positive force of masculinity, like a father, that still exists in America whereas in other cultures, self defense has been damn near banned and people are in sort of a bubble of safety.

In Australia or New Zealand for example, what would happen if a mother caught her husband abusing her daughter, his “stepdaughter,” but really a child of no relation to him? Quite frankly, those people wouldn’t be as formidably defensive or angry as this woman from Washington state.

What’s stopping predators from preying on children? Defensive force: a strong, solid defense against that from parents, a cultural assurance that if you mess with a woman’s children, something not so pretty is going to happen to you. This type of story is probably so popular in fact, because an agenda to actively suppress the culture of self defense seems to be at play.


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