Woman met Female Axe Attacker on Tinder, “Freaked Out” After she Spoke Plans

Almost nothing violent ever happens in Australia, from New South Wales to Western Australia. However when it does happen, the media talks about it a lot. They don’t like to talk about shootings in NSW where gun control is fully enacted, because it would make gun control look bad and they brag about Australia being safe because of the lack of self defense culture, but the media loves to promote stories like this one.

So in this story, a man and a few others were attacked with an axe in a 7-Eleven store in the inner Sydney area of Enmore on January 7, 2017. It’s not dangerous there in the slightest bit. He was attacked by a woman.

Evie Amati was the attacker, and the 26 year old woman is currently on trial in the New South Wales District Court. Now, headlines are being made about the fact that another woman met her on the dating app Tinder (not in person but on the app), and she freaked out and blocked her when she said “One day I’m going to kill a lot of people.

The story is probably deep in the media because they love to fearmonger, and it’s scary to people in such a quiet place to know that someone, let alone a young woman, is randomly murdering civilians with axes. In some places, everyone constantly looks over their shoulder, but they still remain safe and happy because human beings are strong and more used to conflict than how people are conditioned to think. Nobody expects an axe attack from a young woman.

Seemingly random customers, Sharon Hacker and Ben Rimmer were hit with an axe and suffered injuries from the injuries. They didn’t pass away.

CCTV footage of the attack fuels the media fire more. A third person, Shane Redwood almost got hit but he used his backpack as a shield. Any person paying attention could have easily avoided these blows, unless they were defenseless, too young or too old to defend themselves.

Although she seems to have clearly done it, the woman pleaded not guilty to six charges, which include 2 charges of wounding or causing grievous bodily harm with intent to murder, and her barrister argues that she was going through a mental illness at the time.

She was going through a mental illness at the time? Maybe she was under the influence of SSRI antidepressants or anti-psychotic drugs, because this sounds exactly like a reaction to those.

A woman who met with her on Tinder, 27 year old Mickila Jahnsen provided evidence to the court through a United States video link. She said that after they hooked up, on January 6, Amati went to her house and they drank vodka and took what they understand was MDMA, ecstasy.

Then they got into a car with the woman who provided MDMA to them, and they traveled to the Burdekin Hotel in Surry Hills. However on the way there, Amati asked the people in the car to stop and let her out.

The girl she met on Tinder said:

“We were all kind of worried … I messaged her to see if she was alright. She said no. She seemed kind of mad, angry, and I was confused why,” she said to the court.

On Facebook, Amati said she felt no chemistry with the girl and she thought Jahnsen thought she was ugly.

“She said ‘People like you are what’s wrong with the world’ or something along those lines,” Jahnsen said. “She called me a psychopath and then she said ‘One day I’m going to kill a lot of people.’”

“Then I blocked her on Facebook. It scared me, I was freaking out. I blocked her and then she messaged me on the Tinder app saying ‘I know where you live.’ And then I blocked her on that.”

This story will continue to be promoted in the media, to sort of make money and scare people. People should realize that drugs prescribed to “help” this type of mental illness often make the problem worse, and being suicidal or homicidal is frequently a result of using SSRI’s.

(Image credit: theage, buzzfeed)


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