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10 Signs that the People in Power are Losing Their Control


10 Signs that the People in Power are Losing Their Control

In 2013, articles were published about 10 signs that the global elite are losing control. In that year, it really did for a moment feel like the global elite were in fact losing control.

The Activist Post article by Eric Blair saidPeople are waking up in droves, at least as fast as the elite can build their full-spectrum prison matrix.  Let them try.  To paraphrase Victor Hugo, “No army can stop an idea whose time has come.””

At the time, people in fact were waking up in droves. 2011- 2014 felt like a peak of this happening. Unfortunately, the rising and falling tides of ideas and inspiration in this decade quickly took a different turn.

It feels like from about 2014 to 2018, we’ve been on the “falling” end of the inspiration for people in general. It’s like a wave pattern that lasts 5 years, and then another 5 years: that’s how collective inspiration for making the world a better place goes in this era of time.

I’m not sure if that’s how the rising and falling tides of inspiration happen always, or just in the 2010’s decade, but that’s how it happened.

It doesn’t seem like people have the energy to care like they did in 2013. This article is a revised critique of the one that was published in 2013.

1. The official lies weren’t effective for a moment, now they are too complicated to recognize

The official lies told by the media were starting to wear down and not look so true for a period of time in the late 2000’s, and early 2010’s. From firsthand observation, I can tell you people are starting to get wrapped up in brand new, even more difficult to recognize lies nowadays.

The lies are so many, it’s hard to explain. Every single thing reported on extensively in the media, everything that is the main topic of discussion, consider it all a distraction.

We’re experiencing a wave of complex, difficult to recognize distractions here at the end of the 2010’s decade.

2. People didn’t trust politics, but now it’s confusion

In 2013, people knew not to trust certain types of political theater tricks, because it was several years in a row of more charismatic, boldly “in your face” lying types of political tricks.

Nowadays, the trick is agitated confusion, Trump style. The era of “Trump” is the era of a figurehead in office confusing everybody into believing every president actually isn’t the same. Every president is the same, and this confusion made a lot of people forget that.

3. Media confidence was down, today they still set the priority

In 2013, it was reported that recent polls tangibly proved that 77% of the United States population no longer trusted corporate TV news.

Today, people still pay attention to things based on what is on TV. People sort of sleep-walked backwards into a state of paying attention to the TV every time a “mass shooting” happens, no word on how Trump is striking more people in the Middle East with drones than the rest though.

4. Bankers rejected? No, Iceland isn’t a paradise either

It was reported several years ago that Hungary was following “Iceland’s lead” by trying to get the IMF out of the country.

Hungary stayed more true to being against the Western hegemony than Iceland, their new prime minister is being billed as a “feminist anti-war activist,” but she’s attending fake-environmentalist conferences vowing to make Iceland “carbon neutral by 2040,” which is by default supporting the agenda of geoengineers.

5. Vatican tried to repair reputation, failed

The Vatican was reportedly trying to clean up their reputation under the new pope. Well at least they failed because just last year it was revealed that one of the highest officials in the Catholic Church covered up sex abuse and pedophilia.

He avoided going to prison for it recently. They’re not being stopped from committing crimes against children, but their reputation is not clean in the opinion of probably anyone.

6. Soldiers speaking out? Not really

It looked like soldiers would oppose going to war in Syria several years ago. Now the inspiration for opposing this war has died down, and people ate up every bit of propaganda about several supposed Syrian gas attacks.

7. Police killings made headlines, now people don’t know what to do

Several years ago, there was a furious, heated wave of public opposition to police brutality. Where did that energy go? Unfortunately people got tired and it continues to go on, unchecked. Somewhere down the line people stopped having energy. It’s an apathetic couple of years. However, some effective activists in the black community persist and march on, like New Era Detroit.

8. Secession movements? They don’t materialize

Secession movements, such as a city or area seceding from a certain country to become independent, it seemed possible several years ago. There was talk of dividing California into different states, and even California seceding from the US in the wake of Trump. Has anything happened? Of course not, people don’t accomplish enough.

9. GMO food rejected? People don’t have to know they are being poisoned

The March Against Monsanto had more energy in 2013. People are getting more apathetic because the only people who will ever listen are those who care, and those who care already know.

People may reject GMO’s openly and hopefully they do, but they end up in produce and it’s just mysteriously there, sometimes it is claimed that the contamination is accidental.

Here’s the thing: people don’t have to know they are being poisoned, and the poison is in more places than the food now to say the least.

10. The liberation of cannabis: it needs to happen faster

The United States is finally accepting cannabis again, in so many places. It’s great, but the rest of the world is nowhere near exiting that prohibitionist state of mind.

It’s nowhere near legal in many European countries and Commonwealth realms, and it’s for damn sure nowhere near legal in Asia. In Asia, people don’t know a damn thing about cannabis in Japan or South Korea, as the maker of these videos clearly found out.

In conclusion, periods of lower inspiration happen, for years at a time, and that’s okay. Apathy is a real problem in this particular decade because that’s the result of technology sometimes, but we’ll make it through. The special moments wouldn’t be special without the low points.

(Image credit: mrc, myrightamerica, variety, pri, cnsblog, fellowshipoftheminds, freep, thenewsunit, againstthegrainnutrition, denverdaze)

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Mark Radcliff is a researcher and writer from New York. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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