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100 Passengers Reportedly Fall Ill, Airplane Quarantined in New York


100 Passengers Reportedly Fall Ill, Airplane Quarantined in New York

At the JFK airport in New York, an Emirates airplane coming from a flight from Dubai has been placed into quarantine, and counter-terrorism police in New York are monitoring it. As far as we know, to some extent the quarantine is still in effect.

The quarantine is said to have been issued after “100 people” reportedly fell ill during the flight.

The pilot expressed concerns upon arrival in New York when the plane landed at 9 a.m. Eastern Time Wednesday, after he noticed dozens of passengers became ill with fevers of over 100 degrees (37.7 C), coughing, and other symptoms, according to the local reports.

(Image credit: RT)

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is now investigating the plane as it was met by officials from the Port Authority Police.

The police state flexed a little bit, as NYPD counter-terrorism informed everyone it was in the process of “monitoring” the quarantine in case this incident progressed into something more than a “medical” situation.

Passengers inside the plane managed to tweet photographs, a remarkable thing when you think about it nowadays, and they showed dozens of ambulances and a hoard of police vehicles parked and waiting as the aircraft arrived into the terminal.

Larry Coben, one passenger said: “All we have been told is that some passengers have fallen ill and we should remain in our seats.”

He actually said he hadn’t even seen evidence of illness, but added that the flight 203 is large, with “two levels.”

People don’t actually know the cause of illness yet, but local ground reports said to originate from a “source briefed on the situation” suggest the illness may just be food related.

Emirates had a different figure on how many people were feeling strange, confirming that “about 10 passengers” on the flight from Dubai to New York had become ill. They made the situation seem like not much, and I’m guessing it actually wasn’t that much indeed, because they admitted that the police state-like appearance of those “health authorities” was just a “precaution.”

“All others will disembark shortly. The safety & care of our customers is our first priority,” the statement read.

After the quarantine had cleared, Coben reportedly took the bus toward the terminal building, safely got through customs, and went back home noting that “others are well.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean all passengers, so what happened as of yet is sort of unknown.

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