These 30 Pictures Tell The Tragedy Of a Lesbian Couple Burnt Alive

Alpana and Maitreyi come out of the closet – literally. And they declare their love to the world – rather feel their love for each other. But the world is not so kind on them, and they have to pay the price for it, by ‘going back into the closet’ and losing their lives by being burnt alive. This is the poignant tale as told by photographer Arjun Kamath through a special photo essay.

Arjun’s pictures have not only gone viral and featured by many publications, the photographer has also been asked by the United Nations to feature his essay for them. We reshare Arjun’s pictures from Coming Out, with the story text as put by him marked in Bold and Italics. Take a look at how beautifully he uses the closet, the kites, the fire, the chains, the eunuch – all to create his picture story.

Picture 1: It’s a free world.

Picture 2: Maitreyi opened the door for the first time…The unending fog hung in the air like a suffocating sheath, blanketing the land with its ghostly glow.

Picture 3: A cold wind blew mercilessly, chilling Alpana to the marrow, as she opened the creaky closet door. The overhead dark clouds skimmed past the orange sun from time to time, throwing the little patch of forest into blackness. Flashes of lighting in the distance made the already nervous Alpana not want to step out…