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8 Strange Symptoms People Are Experiencing Globally


8 Strange Symptoms People Are Experiencing Globally

These days, people scarcely recognize that on a daily basis we are experimenting with things that the human body has never before experienced in human history.

The electromagnetic waves we allow to be pulsed through us at all times are surely having an effect that we may hardly be able to gauge now. It’s kind of strange how the only mainstream fictional rendering of EMF sensitivity was from the perspective that it was some kind of illusion, on the work of fiction Better Call Saul.

In Better Call Saul, the prequel to notorious television show Breaking Bad, one of the main characters who was kind of an antagonist, a rich man was sensitive to cell phone radiation and electricity. The work of fiction left a strong impression with many people that EMF sensitivity is some kind of illusion. Whether that was purposefully placed into the show as propaganda or not, people need to do more research.

Some people have been experiencing strange symptoms for the past several years, and some of this could be explainable by our smart phones, the cell towers, the smart meters, ect.

People have been trying to explain these strange symptoms as being spiritual, but many of them have tangible, lesser known solutions or causes.

Here are some strange symptoms people have been experiencing.

Intense cravings for sugar

Image credit: sweetdefeat

When people are reporting serious cravings for sugar or chocolate, that is almost certainly because of the fungal growth Candida in their bodies, or some kind of parasitic activity. Believe it or not, we all more or less have parasites.

Parasites, Candida, and similar infections thrive off of sugar, and will cause you to have intense cravings. You may notice that if you treat the parasites, hopefully with some natural remedy that will not do much damage to your biome of gut bacteria (oregano oil is something that can help here), you will notice the cravings for sweets go down immediately.

Loss of appetite

Image credit: healthline

There are many reasons for why a person might have a reduced appetite. One reason is, people believe that eating nutritionally bankrupt, processed food can reduce a person’s ability to eat less flavorful, but much healthier food. With a little bit of persistence and discipline, one can try avoiding processed foods in order to try and regain their ability to have an appetite for healthy foods.

One must pierce through the barrier of a bad diet to develop an appetite for foods that are rich in the nutrients and minerals we need to survive, like potassium, magnesium, ect.

Insomnia coupled with headaches, pressure and pain in head

Image credit: painscience

People have reported feeling both insomnia and unusual headaches at the same time. Some people who have reported this observed that when sleeping in a room that way far away from the house’ radiation emitting Smart Meter, the symptoms disappeared.

An entire mini-documentary was made about these Smart Meters causing symptoms, and how difficult it was to simply have the thing removed.

Strange sounds, metallic or mechanical noise

Image credit: sott

Just like light pollution, people may not realize that if they live in the city, all kinds of strange mechanical or electric noises could be invading their peaceful silence.

Other people have noted strange sounds outdoors, and entire websites have been dedicated to observing strange sounds.

Heightened sensitivity

Image credit: spiritualityhealth

This is something that is often directly related to inflammation in the body. What does inflammation result from?

Poison: from mercury amalgam dental fillings provided by multinational dental corporations like Henry Schein, to immunizations that actually contain mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde, to toxic food, to probably even EMF radiation, all kinds of factors in modern day life cause people to feel heightened physical sensitivity.

Intensified sense of smell

This one is a little difficult to explain. If people have an intensified sense of smell, that might be considered a skill, and I can’t think of any specific toxin or thing that could cause it.

However, having a too powerful sense of smell could cause headaches or other physical problems.

An intensified awareness of waves being produced by technology

Image credit: aolcdn

Some people report that they suddenly become aware of WiFi waves, of cell phone radiation, and things like that. We should be aware of such things: sometimes people just suddenly notice that their hands itch or feel inflamed after typing directly on a laptop keyboard for instance, as opposed to a separate keyboard.

Different electronic devices actually emit intensely varying levels of radiation. Some aluminum plated laptops emit more radiation than more expensive ones, and some cell phones emit more radiation than others. One can gauge how much radiation is surrounding them at any given moment by using a certain device that measures that.

Feeling out of focus

Some people have reported feeling out of focus visually, like it causes pain to focus on an object. People should be aware that there is one chemical in food that specifically causes visual problems: Aspartame.

I can personally confirm the fact that a young relative of mine drank aspartame containing diet soda routinely for a year, and her vision severely declined, immediately after drinking the diet sweetener.

Aspartame really does make your vision decline. People should research the fact that Aspartame was only approved by the FDA after a ton of opposition, pushed through by Donald Rumsfeld himself.

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