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A Psychopath Child Shocked The World In 1990, Wanted to *kill* her Whole Family – Where is she now?


A Psychopath Child Shocked The World In 1990, Wanted to *kill* her Whole Family – Where is she now?

In 1990, a CBS television documentary was made titled “Child of Rage,” in which a young girl named Beth Thomas was the topic.

As a result of a horribly abusive situation at home, Beth Thomas would exhibit psychopathic behavior and do destructive things in her foster home.

Until the age of 1 and a half or about 19 months old, Beth Thomas underwent horrible sexual abuse from her father. Her mother also passed away when she was very young, which left her and her infant brother alone with an abusive father.

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CBS was probably tasked this creating a documentary on this particular topic to demonize parents and promote CPS, but the story is nonetheless real and true because it happened to this girl separate from what CBS does. Beware of the focus of any mainstream documentary, it’s probably to promote some agenda.

So Child Protective Services took the children (which the documentary happens to promote, so don’t forget to remember CPS isn’t an agency that works to the benefit of the people), and in this particular situation the girl was fortunate enough to end up with a loving foster family.

Beth and her brother ended up in the care of a new family, with parents named Tim and Julie. The psychology of the poor girl was clear to the foster parents, as she killed baby birds and exhibited a number of frightening behaviors.

Summarized by America Now:

“Eventually, Beth’s parents realized she was deeply disturbed. She exhibited bizarre sexual behavior at a young age and had an interest in *death* and *violence*. Beth’s brother, Jonathan, showed similar behavior, but to a lesser degree.”

The adoption agency that worked in conjunction with CPS gave little answers to the parents when they asked why the children were behaving this way. Confidentiality laws also prevented them from saying much.

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So, the foster parents took the initiative to seek out the older sister of the two children, Stephanie. They located her at a topless bar, and she is described as a “bitter young woman” with a “harrowing story.” She was also abused by her father from a young age, and after she started to fight back, he began to abuse Catherine instead, who was an infant at the time.

In the care of her new foster parents, the girl would cut her classmates with glass, smash her brother’s head on concrete with incredible anger, and do things that can only be explained by severe abuse (except for some rare case of primary psychopathy that was present without explanation since birth).

The parents couldn’t handle her, and she was placed in the care of a professional therapist named Connell Watkins.

In the film “Child of Rage,” she is shown calmly telling her therapist that she dreamed about killing her parents and little brother.

She continued and said no matter what they said or did, she still felt like she wanted to kill them.

Now it is being reported that Beth is a mentally stable and well adjusted adult. She is a registered nurse at a hospital in Flagstaff, Arizona and she actually works with babies in the neonatal unit.

Image credit: americanow

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Image credit: relayhero


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