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A video showing Conor Apologizes to khabib at The End of Round 3 Saying to him “It’s Only Business”


A video showing Conor Apologizes to khabib at The End of Round 3 Saying to him “It’s Only Business”

People need something to entertain themselves with, so as last year it was that fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, this year it’s McGregor vs Khabib. It’s a well executed sports event where plenty of people are getting it in and making a lot of money. It’s like a train perfectly on its tracks.

And what does any sports event really need to be memorable? Something exciting, some drama, something out of line. Although Dana White, the head of the UFC was quick to note that the UFC fighters who attacked McGregor would never fight in the league again, he must know damn well that this is good for the UFC in a certain way. He certainly doesn’t want the UFC to gain a reputation for being some drama filled, non-disciplined, savage sport, but just a small drop of controversy is enough to keep the money train rolling.

So here’s the latest theory. Fans are speculating that Conor McGregor apologized to Khabib for talking sh*** before the fight.

Everybody knew that in what is being called the biggest UFC fight in history, there would be some interesting verbal exchanges. Some fans suggested McGregor “pleaded for mercy.”

McGregor took a loss in the fourth round, and submitted to Khabib who had got him into a neck choke.

So now it’s being said that at the end of the third round, McGregor could be overheard assuring a very angry Khabib that “it’s only business,” after the referee forced the Russian figher off of him.

McGregor believed it was business but Khabib clearly felt things were more personal – DM

Exactly, this is business. Big money is being made off of all this. It’s a pretty ingenious way to make money if you think about it. Dana White had the right idea.

In response, if he was overheard correctly Khabib says “ah, I guess so,” as he walks away to the corner of his team in the octagon. Of course he knows that just the same. How great would it be if you could get people to fight each other while all kinds of people affiliated with the event rake in money?

What had to happen, to make this real though, was for months and months of tension and “verbal abuse” to build up between these two fighters. Absolutely, that’s what a fight is.

Months ago, McGregor allegedly attacked Khabib’s team bus, and during round two, Khabib could be heard yelling at him, “let’s talk now,” as he pummeled him into the floor.

Khabib (centre) has to be pulled off of Conor McGregor by the referee at the end of round three – DM

So in response to the pre-match sh** talk from McGregor, Khabib said: “I am going to maul him and then let’s see who’s doing the talking, let’s see who’s having a conversation in there.” Sounds like Khabib takes his pride more seriously than money.

Khabib’s dominant performance and aggression didn’t go unnoticed during the match. When he jumped straight out the octagon and appeared to take aim at Dillon Danis, McGregor’s coach, a brawl broke out.

Khabib apologized, saying “I hope I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings with this jump.”

Like a true businessman, McGregor sparked rumors that a rematch could be in the works, Tweeting: “We lost the match, but won the battle. The war goes on.”

The game goes on: that’s the game of making money and entertainment. If there’s no coercion going on behind the scenes, that’s just the way of money and life, ain’t nothing wrong with it.

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