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Bigfoot Sighting Reported on Mountain in Utah, Team Climbs to Find It


Bigfoot Sighting Reported on Mountain in Utah, Team Climbs to Find It

Recently, some new footage in which the person who captured it believes Bigfoot may have been spotted began to circulate online.

Recorded in the town of Provo, Utah, the footage appears to show a large creature hanging out on the side of a mountain. On January 2, a person named Austin M. Craig uploaded the video to YouTube, garnering so far about 14,000 views and a like to dislike ratio of about 7 to 1.

In the brief clip, Craig marvels at what appears to be an extremely large creature ‘just chilling” in the distance on top of a mountain.

Of course for a video like this, the footage has to be difficult to see, it’s not completely clear but it was said that during the clip, it looks as if the creature is standing up and walking on two legs.

When asked whether the thing could have possibly been a human being, Craig expressed skepticism, adding that the thing he spotted was pretty large and that wouldn’t make sense.

The comments in turn, expressed skepticism of it being real, on one forum. One comment reads:

“So, you see that, and can’t keep the camera on it??? If real, you’re getting the footage of a lifetime, and you need to point the camera somewhere else?”

“Oh look its bigfoot! But wait there’s a house. And there’s the inside of my car. And there’s the sky. Lame….”

“Let’s drive further away and take more footage, instead of going closer and getting clearer footage”

Realistically, the video isn’t very convincing. Is it possible that people are over things like this? When the “fake” button is pushed so many times, people can no longer be surprised by certain things.

A long, honest follow-up video was published by the same person, in which a couple friends of the person who spotted this thing climbed up to where it was spotted.

The size of those people near the potential Bigfoot on the mountain was compared, and they still looked small in comparison.

However, when the group approached the site where they thought “Bigfoot” may have been spotted, they found deer tracks, and also human boot prints in the snow.

The conclusion was, it was probably a large man in full gear up there on that mountain, where it is snowy and being covered from head to toe in some kind of gear is not a bad idea.

Commenters love honesty, and so one said:

“Hey guys,. Awesome job filming this. I want to be honest with you all. I assumed this was trickery or a fake, not saying it was those that filmed it necessarily. And so on the hike up I was skeptical & was a bit irritated that I was more than likely going through all of this trouble over a hoax. And then when I found the second set of bigfoot tracks paralleling the oak brush up on top where the Bigfoot was filmed and the very first one had the two largest toes well preserved & recognized it as what I believe a legit Bigfoot track and track-way, I was relieved I wasn’t wasting my time on a hoax. So want to apologize for any irritated remarks I made in my video.. Take care & thank you again for getting it on video.”

The legend of “Bigfoot” actually is derived from a Wyandot Native American chief with the same nickname all the way back in the 1830’s, and his nickname as you could guess, was a result of his enormous feet.

The Native man was tall, with a height easily exceeding six feet, and it is said that he was equipped with Herculean strength.

Another Native American man, “Spotted Elk” in the late 19th Century was referred to as Chief Big Foot, and he was a well known Lakota leader who lost his life in the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890.

(Image credit: documentingreality)

All the way back then, the press in America would refer to at least two varieties of enormous, marauding grizzly bears as “Bigfoot,” which probably inspired the name in the future.

Near Fresno, California in 1895, a giant grizzly bear they named Bigfoot was reportedly killed, after taking the lives of sheep for 15 years. Another one from Idaho between the 1890’s and 1900’s was taken out, and nearly “supernatural powers” were attributed to the animal.

(Image credit: fresnobailbonds)

Surprisingly the story of this creature goes back a long way. Maybe it is inherently interesting for people to think about Bigfoot because in past human history, some kind of giant, humanoid creatures really did roam the Earth and we have some kind of residual memory of that.

Or, maybe there’s nothing to Bigfoot but an interesting myth. Whatever the case people are still trying to find the fabled creature and capture it on video. Do you think it’s possible a giant humanoid creature could exist in North America?

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