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Boyfriend Punches Stranger in the Face for Staring at Girlfriend’s Butt


Boyfriend Punches Stranger in the Face for Staring at Girlfriend’s Butt

In some places, disrespectful actions lead to actual consequences. Recently, CCTV footage captured the moment a couple’s shopping trip turned ugly, as a woman’s man watched an extremely disrespectful man obviously stare at her behind.

This is being reported on by UK media, and it happened in Lincolnton, North Carolina. According to the UK article about it:

“The brazen man was casually leaning on the shop’s counter, staring at the woman and being all kinds of creepy about it.” Here in America, we’d call that man a “tweeker.”

The couple were engaged in a talk with the store clerk when the boyfriend became aware that a man was making disrespectful sexual gestures toward his woman, staring at her, all of that.

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When the boyfriend looked at the man, he gave him a disrespectful, creepy smile and said “Yeah,” as if he was noticed on purpose. That was a major line of disrespect being crossed. There was nobody else in the store, visible in the footage at least.

With no hesitation, the man punches the offender square in the face. His woman is only the slightest bit concerned, asking him to apologize and all that, but mostly unfazed. He continued to follow the creepy man out the store, chasing him away in a calm, collected way, after a moment of gathering himself.

(Image credit: Unilad)

Then the girlfriend comes to her senses and asks the worker at the store to not call the police.

(Image credit: Unilad)

It’s not uncommon for people to look completely out of their minds, a result of the mental degradation brought on by hard drugs, and these people are sometimes disrespectful or “aggressively weird” toward others. This man was almost like a person in their beginning phases of losing it.

Sometimes, people get sick of weird, out of their mind disrespectful people getting up in their space. This is nothing.

The UK article continued:

“Apparently, this kind of behaviour – both the staring guy and the punch – did not shock the staff of the cell phone store, who decided to get a CCTV camera after a spate of break-ins and daylight robberies.”

This video is an example of self defense when it isn’t excessive or overly aggressive at all. This guy was contained and clocked the man in the face once, and made him go away. Does the law really align with your morals, that if a man blatantly disrespects your woman and you, he shouldn’t be clocked in the face?

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