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Pictures Of Futuristic, Solar Powered Pyramid-Shaped Buildings Emerge


Pictures Of Futuristic, Solar Powered Pyramid-Shaped Buildings Emerge

Solar powered, pyramid shaped buildings resting on water have been making the rounds on the Internet, going viral simply for their futuristic aesthetic and apparently environmentally friendly nature. They haven’t actually been created yet, but they are designs that a man hopes to raise funds to create.

With designs from an artist named Pierpaolo Lazzarini, these structures titled the Waya abodes draw inspiration from Mayan and Japanese architecture. The buildings actually come in a diverse variety of sizes and shapes, with the intent to fulfill a few different purposes.

As reported by New Atlas, some of these buildings serve the purpose of being homes to people, while others are hotels, greenhouses, or even cinemas. The largest building of this style, currently still in the design phase and not a physical building yet, is reported to be about 98 feet, or 30 meters tall, above the water line.

According to Thinking Humanity:

“Lazzarini envisages the Waya modules being constructed from fiberglass, steel, and carbon fiber. They’d be installed atop large, floating platforms which would include basements suitable to make optional underwater bedrooms.

Solar-powered motors would propel the structures. Also, the community would have a small marina to accommodate boats and other watercrafts. Each Waya module would receive electricity from rooftop solar panel arrays and water turbines.

Although the Wayaland project is still in the concept stage, Pierpaolo Lazzarini plans to raise the necessary funds to start its construction with a crowdfunding campaign.”

According to Lazzarini, it will cost a little over $422,000 to raise the proper amount of funds for the project. A crowdfunding campaign is being created by him, and he is allowing people who donate to the project to vote on where the buildings end up.

(Image credit: thinking humanity)

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