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British Military Presence Right Next to Venezuela, Raising Extreme Concern


British Military Presence Right Next to Venezuela, Raising Extreme Concern

A disturbing escalation of tension between not just the United States and Venezuela but another force is being reported by the Morning Star, as they have confirmed that Britain’s marines and navy are conducting military exercises close to Venezuela.

Taking an action that is the equivalent of recognizing a random member in the Trump Administration as the “official president” and sending British troops to back that person for example, the United States recently did something drastic.

At the end of January, President Trump announced that Nicholas Maduro would no longer be recognized as the president of Venezuela. Instead, they opted to support the head of its national assembly who has ties to the Western hegemony, as president instead: Jose Guaido.

This constitutes an open declaration of support for regime change, and now the allies of the United States and the larger power-structure are taking their positions as well.

A massive Royal Fleet Auxiliary landing ship, the Mounts Bay, was in Miami during New Year with a US coastguard helicopter for the first time.

By January 21, it had sailed south within a mere 50 miles of the Venezuelan coast. It docked on a small, Dutch Caribbean island known as Curacao, at Caracas Baii.

The position of Curacao in the Caribbean. (Image credit: the Morning Star)

Not a reason that many are familiar with, the Royal Navy claims the vessel is embarking on some kind of international drug war activity with the US, a “counternarcotics take-down” operation with the US Southern Command to be specific. Obviously the operations sound much more closely related to what is currently going on in Venezuela.

Another factor is that the US Southern Command would specifically be the branch of the military to lead any attack on Venezuela. The counternarcotics mission sounds like nothing but a lame excuse.

To make the situation more tense, British marines are currently in Belize, conducting jungle warfare training. As they always downplay the significance of certain actions, the Ministry of Defence described their deployment to Belize (formerly known as British Honduras) as “routine.”

(Image credit: gettingontravel)

The Morning Star led reporting on the issue, pointing out that the forces “arrived there in mid-January, when Britain was ratcheting up its diplomatic and economic campaign against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.”

Belize is a territory historically claimed by the British, and when it became “independent,” naturally they didn’t give up certain things. A permanent British base known as the British Army Training Support Unit Belize is located adjacent to the country’s international airport.

Photos were taken that show the British marines going through the motions of battlefield drills, which include casualty evacuation.

Further details about their military exercises in and around Belize were provided by the Morning Star, but it might also help to view this situation in the context of several other military exercises that recently took place.

In Los Angeles, California the city was “spooked” by very realistic, disturbing military exercises, all the way down to the city of Long Beach last week.

This directly coincided with Black Hawk helicopter exercises by the military in Sydney, Australia.

A Black Hawk helicopter is supposed to be a “spectacle” over Sydney Harbour. (Image credit: 10 News First)

The difference in how these two events were presented to the public is very interesting. In the United States, the military essentially allowed the people to be in fear and not know for certain that it was a drill, and the media sort of mocked them by suggesting people were “spooked.”

On the other hand, in Sydney, Australia the media consistently reported that the military exercises were some beautiful spectacle, to “keep Sydney safe from the air,” referring to the helicopters as a “show,” with television news stations maintaining this narrative with airtight consistency. That is, the narrative that for some reason people should enjoy the scene as if life is nothing more but a movie and people have nothing to question at all.

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