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Cartoonist Fired for This Anti-Trump Art: Mayor of City Speaks Out


Cartoonist Fired for This Anti-Trump Art: Mayor of City Speaks Out

Due to what are described as political differences between he and his editors, Rob Rogers, an award winning editorial newspaper cartoonist was fired from his job at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

He basically went off on a tangent of producing very anti-Trump cartoons. It is unclear whether or not the guy understands that every single president is part of a criminal way of operating including Trump, but if he isn’t excluding the other immoral power players from his understanding or portrayal of all this, props to him.

On Thursday, the cartoonist tweeted:

“Today, after 25 years as the editorial cartoonist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, I was fired.”

Anybody trying to actually express themselves is certainly not allowed to do so within the realm of thought allowed by the mainstream media. Of course he was fired: a mainstream publication isn’t the place for controversial ideas (not that bashing Trump is difficult to do or necessarily all that controversial).

The paper was scared to offend its viewership, and at the same time it sounds like this guy was really pushing the boundaries, maybe trying to get fired.

Rogers said that 19 of his cartoons and ideas had been rejected by the publication since March, as he explained to CBS Pittsburgh political editor Jon Delano last week. He said to some person named “Jake Tapper” of CNN that he received no concrete reason for why his cartoons were being killed off by the publication, but generally he believes they wanted him to be “less negative to Trump.”

Who believes that any kind of tolerance for anything true or controversial would exist in mainstream media? Imagine how they would react if he started making political cartoons about Palestine, or any remotely controversial topic.

“The common theme in all the ones that have been rejected, I’d say 90% of them have something to do with Trump,” Rogers said to Erin Burnett of CNN. “So there’s a clear pattern they were trying to tamp down the voice I was having, being critical of Trump.”

Let’s be honest, this story is feeding CNN material to distract people with while the US actually kills people in the Middle East, and CNN supports Trump as a war-hawk, but criticizes him in other ways.

Thankfully this cartoonist also took shots at Clinton and Obama in the past. It’s good to know that he’s willing to dish out the satirical criticism to all parties.

I didn’t know such a thing existed, but something called the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists released a statement recently, blaming the loss of this man’s job on an individual named Keith Burris, noting that “the recent arrival of a Trump-supporting editorial page editor” coincided with his departure.

This is how big the issue got: the Mayor of Pittsburgh came to defend the free speech of the man.

“This is precisely the time when the constitutionally-protected free press — including critics like Rob Rogers — should be celebrated and supported,” the mayor of Pittsburgh said. “This decision, just one day after the President of the United States said the news media is ‘Our Country’s biggest enemy.’ sets a low standard in the 232-year history of the newspaper.”

Rogers’ peers said things on social media.

Press censorship is what people referred to this as. Why don’t they care about much more severe cases of censorship of the press? What about the entire alternative media being censored by Facebook?

These are the cartoons the paper refused to publish.

(Image credit: wokesloth)

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