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Chemical Weapons Expert Didn’t Actually Take his Own Life, New Evidence Suggests


Chemical Weapons Expert Didn’t Actually Take his Own Life, New Evidence Suggests

An award-winning journalist named Miles Goslett just published a bombshell report in what appears to be the only media outlet that would take the story, probably due to its controversy. In the Daily Mail, he published a report about British government scientist David Kelly’s supposed “s**cide” in 2003, and new evidence he reviewed in his book about what he believes really happened.

His article opened with a sentence explaining that it has now been over 15 years since Dr. David Kelly was found in the woods in Oxfordshire, “in one of the darkest episodes of Tony Blair’s time as Prime Minister.”

The official narrative about what happened to Kelly, is that he took his own life by overdosing on painkiller drugs, and cutting his left wrist. It is implied in the media that he took his own life because he was suffering from shame, being “unmasked as the source of the BBC’s claim that the Government had ‘sexed up’ the case for the Iraq War.”

(Image credit: the Daily Mail)

It was pointed out that since 2003, the suspicion and troubling questions surrounding his passing have not died down, but become even more pressing. People who are suspicious of 9/11 being more than what we were told are the ones who typically remember the strange story of Dr. David Kelley, the issues are sort of inter-twined, and in a similiar manner, these suspicions aren’t going away.

Successive governments have utterly refused to allow a full coroner’s inquest to be held in regard to Kelly, and naturally that fuels the questions.

The author explained:

“Last year, I published a book containing the evidence I had discovered. Since then, I have amassed more compelling information from new, highly credible sources – evidence which casts yet more serious doubt on the claims that Dr Kelly cut his own wrists. It also raises further disturbing questions about the circumstances of his death.”

The 59-year-old scientist’s body was found just days after he was publicly grilled in front of a Select Committee of MPs about his communication with Andrew Gilligan, a BBC journalist.

(Image credit: the Daily Mail)

The report was not good for the government, because it admitted the government’s dossier to promote the invasion of Iraq, claiming that the country could deploy weapons of mass destruction within just 45 minutes, was completely unreliable and exaggerated.

Dr. Kelly, being a chemical weapons expert who was employed by the Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence, was quickly identified as the “anonymous” informant for the BBC.

He denied being the story’s main source, but he was grilled for it thoroughly.

Just an hour after his body was found, before any medical professional could determine the cause of death, Tony Blair himself instructed his Lord Chancellor and Charles Falconer, “an old friend from university,” to set up a public inquiry to what happened.

They were the ones to determine he took his own life, with Lord Hutton hand-picked to the inquiry. They cleared the government of all wrongdoing.

The point of the article this author published, is that even more evidence has come out since the publishing of his book last year, and the case is nowhere near over.

His book was updated with the information brought forward by a world renowned consultant surgeon, John Scurr, who gave information on how he doesn’t believe Dr. Kelly could have passed away according to the official narrative.

(Image credit: the Daily Mail)

He specializes in vascular surgery, on veins and arteries, so he would know what a fatal slit-wrist would look like.

Sarah Pape OBE, Dr. Kelly’s half-sister who is a leading plastic surgeon, called him shortly after Hutton’s report was published in 2004, saying she didn’t believe he took his own life at all.

“She doubted whether he could have done that on a personal and a medical level. She is a plastic surgeon and has considerable medical knowledge,” Scurr said.

A lively debate is being revived by this article and his book, and that can only be seen as a good thing for the truth.

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