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Couple Attacked By Crocodile In Private Swimming Pool, Caught on CCTV Footage


Couple Attacked By Crocodile In Private Swimming Pool, Caught on CCTV Footage

From Africa to Florida, crocodiles are creatures that one could only imagine in their wildest dreams if they didn’t exist in real life.

In Kariba, Zimbabwe, CCTV footage recently captured the moment when a crocodile slipped, slid and found its way into a private swimming pool.

The crocodile was not just trying to cool down in the water. He was in active pursuit of the couple who were swimming in the pool at the moment.

The man in the pool at the dangerous moment the modern-dragon thing enters into it, decides to flee and leave the girl behind. Anybody should have the instinct to immediately run away but he didn’t really try to help her or anything like that.

The woman wasn’t so quick to get away, but she did manage to leave the scene mostly unscathed. At the moment that the woman captured in the footage makes an attempt to escape, the crocodile quickly lunges for her in a lighting fast, unnervingly agile motion, almost snapping its jaws on the woman before she managed to escape the pool.

She was left with merely a few cuts on her arm and back, and some authorities came and picked up the crocodile.

A few people commented on the video [WATCH BELOW]:

“This is like jurassic park”

“A coward boyfriend. Ran away.

A real man would’ve killed it and then cooked it for her dinner lol!

Dude ! Seriously?! Omg what a coward”

It is believed that this particular type of creature was a Nile crocodile, which constitutes the largest freshwater predator in the massive continent of Africa. However, the animal clearly is willing to enter chlorinated water.

These Nile crocodiles are even known among crocodiles to be particularly aggressive. They aren’t very discriminate about the prey they choose to pursue in hunting, and they are known to feast on a wide variety of things from fish, to birds, to even other reptiles and mammals.

It’s strange to see that these big, damn near limb-less creatures have the electric swiftness to lunge at its prey. What could propel it to move so fast? It would be interesting to try and locate the muscles on those massive things.

In Florida, the crocodiles are just as notorious if not more-so. Footage was released a while back of a giant alligator taking an elegant, dangerous stroll across a Florida golf course. It looked more tame than the previous video, to the point of being kind of comical.

Shared by Charlie Helms, the video captured the moment when he was enjoying a fine day and some golf when his leisurely activities were interrupted by the modern day dragon making its way across the golf course in Palmetto, Florida at Buffalo Creek.

In Charlie’s video, he can be heard saying “That is the biggest frickin’ alligator I have ever seen in my life. Jeez this thing must be 15 feet long.” Another person in the video adds “You gotta be kidding me.”

Charlie recalls the event:

“A friend and I were getting flagged down by other golfers who were pointing to this giant alligator on the 3rd fairway. We were shocked by the size of it so I recorded it to show my family and friends. I never expected it to get this much attention.”

That was somewhere around a 15 foot long alligator just chilling on a golf course. However they swim fast: don’t let a crocodile jump in your pool.

(Image credit: warrencarr, xamowallpapers, news.nationalgeographic)

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