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Delivery Driver Refuses To Help Pregnant Mother Carry Groceries Up Flights of Stairs


Delivery Driver Refuses To Help Pregnant Mother Carry Groceries Up Flights of Stairs

The laziness that can grow in people who aren’t held accountable was demonstrated recently in a story reported on in the tabloid media. A very pregnant woman had to lug her groceries up two flights of stairs after a delivery driver for UK company Asda said he’d “rather not” help her move the items, and bags had been forgotten for them.

The footage was filmed by Amy Natasha Botten, from her flat in Feltham, west London. According to one article, she video “shows the driver emptying her £200 shop onto the floor at the bottom of the stairwell, without the carrier bags she had requested.”

The video begins with the woman inside her home while her toddler cries.

According to Unilad:

“Amy had been forced to leave her crying toddler inside the flat while carting the shopping up the two flights of stairs all by herself.

When Amy confronted the driver, he refused to assist her. This was despite the pregnant mother clearly being out of breath with her young son being in audible distress.”

Then she films herself walking downstairs to confront a pretty normal type of foreign man in the UK, however mild mannered a person who definitely is being lazy and not wanting to help at all.

(Image credit: Unilad)

The video was seen over 1.2 million times. In it, Amy asks the delivery man:

“Can you not help me with this last little bit because my little boy is up there crying his eyes out?”

The deliver driver just tries to negotiate his way out of moving and responds “I’d rather not.” He tried to explain his job didn’t technically require him to move the groceries up the stairs or something along those lines.

Amy replied:

“You’d rather not? But this is your job.”

She asked why there weren’t enough bags, and the man shrugged and admitted there were no more bags.

On Facebook, she posted the clip and wrote:

“This shouldn’t be happening to anyone, bad health, lonely and elderly, disabled, pregnant!!

It should NOT BE HAPPENING. It’s called HOME delivery.

I just had to carry £200 monthly shop up two flights of stairs alone, pregnant with pelvic problems. No choice but to leave my son on his own crying.”

(Image credit: Unilad)

She said Asda offered her an apology and delivered her flowers and champagne. Sending alcohol to a pregnant woman is pretty dumb. She wrote:

Feltham Asda gave me a bottle of champagne and some flowers and couldn’t apologise enough for the driver not doing his job. (No I won’t be drinking it and no I didn’t record this for compensation).”

Truthfully everyone in this situation looks like a fool. It’s not something that seems serious enough to record, it’s cringe the way she filmed it to kind of call out the man, sure he was lazy but the situation just isn’t newsworthy. The only way for headlines to be made about this is to exaggerate what happened.

(Image credit: Unilad)


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