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Drunk Driver Insists she Can’t go to Jail Because she is a “very clean, thoroughbred” Pretty Girl


Drunk Driver Insists she Can’t go to Jail Because she is a “very clean, thoroughbred” Pretty Girl

The media seems to push division between people, promoting a tattle-tale culture of people who like to see other peers punished for things. Usually stories like this are eagerly reported on in tabloid headlines, either by accident or on purpose pushing this cultural dynamic, this crabs in a bucket mentality.

So before this article continues, remember that the police or government shouldn’t necessarily be the arbiters of justice in our community. The division is not about black or white, but civilian class being oppressed by a wealthy class that employs the police to carry out their will.

This story is full of division, but let’s break it down and see it for what it is without the hate.

Although it’s a negative state of mind to wish incarceration upon a fellow citizen even if they have a bad attitude or exhibit racist behaviors, one woman recently drew the hate of a lot of people for believing she was immune to punishment for being white.

On Saturday, 32 year old Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw was passing through Bluffton, South Carolina when she sped through a stop sign at 60 miles per hour.

(Image credit: the Daily Mail)

Her blood alcohol level was determined by police to be at 0.18 percent.

(Image credit: the Daily Mail)

With an absolutely disgusting attitude thinking that she was better than other people who were not graduates of a “high accredited university” as she phrased it, or better than people who are not white, she begged the police not to arrest her.

Dashcam footage has just been released, showing the moment she begged to be let go because she is “a “very clean, thoroughbred, white girl,” as the police report reads.

(Image credit: the Daily Mail)

“Please, I don’t want to know what it’s like,” Cutshaw cried as she was placed in the patrol car. “I’m a pretty girl. Don’t make me go in there.”

Then, she explained that an arrest would “ruin her career,” and she had not been in trouble with the law before.

(Image credit: the Daily Mail)

According to the Daily Mail:

“The dashcam recorded Cutshaw begging the officer not to send her to prison because she was a cheerleader, a dancer and a sorority girl who had graduated from a ‘high accredited university.’

Taken to the police station in handcuffs, she later described herself as a white ‘thoroughbred’ and ‘went on to say ‘I’m a white, clean girl,” the officer wrote in his arrest report.”

(Image credit: the Daily Mail)

(Image credit: the Daily Mail)

So the woman was arrested on charges of speeding, drunken driving, and marijuana possession.

See the problem with paying any mind to a story like this, is that it reeks of hate. Sure, this woman is exhibiting a disgusting, elitist attitude. She’s being racist and it’s gross when people believe they are immune to consequence just because they belong to some privileged category of people.

However, a story like this is like when you’re anti-war, but then a person of a cringey, incorrect political persuasion comes to agree with you, and you want to distance yourself from that person. Like if you understand both left and right sides of the spectrum promote war, but when you criticize one side, the other side nonsensically sides with you.

To get satisfaction from watching someone like this be arrested, is getting satisfaction from the police state being in full swing.

From television shows like “Cops,” to stories like this, there are all kinds of media programs out there that for some reason incite division and hatred between people, with the police or government playing the role of some justice-bringer or conflict-resolver, when that isn’t at all how it is in reality.

When people pay mind to stories like this, they take their eyes off the real oppressors and put them on ordinary, albeit perhaps disrespectful and undeserving of defense, people who just help perpetuate the crabs in a bucket mentality.

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Mark Radcliff is a researcher and writer from New York. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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