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Footage Shows Man Walking Away With the Lights From a Cop Car


Footage Shows Man Walking Away With the Lights From a Cop Car

On the day after Christmas, celebrated as Boxing Day in the UK and other countries, a man is being sought after by police after he stole the blue light strip off the top of a police car.

He got caught on camera walking away with it, but he looks like such a common British young man, they apparently haven’t found him yet. It has now been well over two weeks since the day he stole it, so apparently they have no idea where he is.

Mainstream news articles are subtly asking people to go ahead and snitch on him to the police if anybody knows any information. However honestly we all know this is kind of heroic: at least admirable in a certain type of way, I think all except the “thin blue line” crowd can agree.

(Image credit: SWNS)

At the Sunderland Railway Station in the UK, at 4:29am on December 26, the CCTV footage was captured. The police released still images from the footage, and the tabloid media just helped them possibly find him because they picked up the story.

Make no mistake, consequences are bound to come if you do something like this, but this falls into a pretty harmless category of vandalism.

If you feel upset at the idea of a guy smiling and stealing the blue strip off a police car, you may want to re-think your priorities.

Every day people get r**bed, or kidn**ped, this guy just stole a piece of plastic off of a police car. In case you didn’t know, police enforce the laws of the government and a whole lot of those laws are coercive and immoral in the eyes of a lot of people. This, and police abuse and brutality which is more of a problem in America but still a problem everywhere, is why people might chuckle at this story.

Also the attitude he’s portraying, smiling like a kid holding the light is much different from the attitude of a person who wanted to harm another. This is the type of thing that doesn’t have to be explained, but the news articles were so supportive of the police here and quick to condemn this person, that’s the direction this article has to go.

(Image credit: SWNS)

There’s a reason why people laugh when little things like this happen to the police. People with coercive intentions always, no matter what gravitate toward positions of authority like that, and just about every government-run police force has a propensity to attract sociopaths or even psychopaths to some extent.

The police brutality issue is not limited to America. Recently, on January 4, 2019 the police shot and took the life of a man in the United Kingdom. An unarmed man in possession of nothing illegal was recently shot and his life was taken in his own home in Coventry, United Kingdom.

Why did the police take his life? Because they claim with no evidence that he was growing weed, completely and totally legal to cultivate and consume in American states such as California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and more, but illegal enough to cause a police raid and a life being taken in the United Kingdom.

Armed police officers executed a search warrant at Burnaby Road, in Coventry, UK, and then they took the life of unarmed Sean Fitzgerald, the man in the picture below, about a week ago in early January 2019.

(Image credit: BBC)

This is all because the police thought he was growing weed. Two other men were arrested on nothing more than suspicion of growing it: suspicion, no evidence.

By the way, they didn’t find anything that they will tell anyone about. They wouldn’t say much about the man they took the life of at all, in a country where guns are basically banned for civilian ownership and self defense is frowned upon.

The best the police could do was insist they didn’t shoot him in the back. So he was unarmed, and not in possession of anything illegal, but at least when they shot him they claim it wasn’t in the back.

That’s the type of reason why people make fun of the police: people with a will to do harm to others and control others, no matter where in the world, tend to be attracted to the profession. Often times, these people get away with their crimes.

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Mark Radcliff is a researcher and writer from New York. His topics of interest include mapping out the world's nefarious powers and entities, DARPA, technocracy, and others.

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