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How To Find Out Which Government Agency Is Spying On Your Phone


How To Find Out Which Government Agency Is Spying On Your Phone

Everybody knows that the surveillance imposed on us through all these smartphones, tablets, computers, and everything else extends much further than we are allowed to know.

Based on the fact that the mainstream media is so willing to report on this Cambridge Analytica-Facebook scandal, it seems apparent that they are disguising something much worse of the same genre of info.

Did you know that a few years ago, people started looking into the connections being made by their smartphones, and they noticed one of the IP addresses led to a Department of Defense (DOD) Information Center? That’s basically the equivalent of your phone saying it is leading to Langley, Virginia. It’s your data going straight to the US military.

You might notice that a computer running on a Windows operating system can be brand new, and will be so bogged down that it still runs slower than for instance, a variant of Linux as the operating system. It has been said that Windows even has a backdoor built in to connect it to intelligence agencies: I wouldn’t be surprised.

So is your phone still communicating with the DoD? Most likely, and it might just show up the same way it did for everyone else a couple years ago.

On your phone, go to settings and click “About Device” or “Status.” It is reportedly becoming more difficult to even find this on newer Android phones, I wonder why.

Turn off your WiFi before starting this process. When you’re at the “About Device” type place, locate the IP address of your phone.

Now that you have your phone’s IP, you can visit the website from any device.

Paste your IP address in the search bar at, and you’ll see a screen pop up. There, you can access information about your phone’s network and carrier.

As you can see from this screencap, this person’s phone is being monitored by the DoD (Department of Defense) Network Information Center.

Several people tried this in the past few years. On a forum, somebody pointed out the exact same thing.

On social media, people questioned why the hell is our data being secretly routed to government facilities?

The lesson here is, use a computer with Linux based software, use your smartphone for necessities, and never be scared into submission.

One lesser discussed consequence of surveillance is actually self censorship.

If we censor ourselves, scared like we will get in trouble for talking about what we should have a natural right to, whatever it is, we will censor ourselves without even requiring force from the state.

Never be scared to speak up, or we will lose freedom.

(Image credit: Anon, Forum-XDA-Developers)

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