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Grieving Father Digs up Infant Son’s Casket To Find Nothing but a Plastic Doll


Grieving Father Digs up Infant Son’s Casket To Find Nothing but a Plastic Doll

After suffering from a traumatic experience allegedly losing his newborn baby, a Honduras man had his sense of reality even further thrown off after he followed a strange intuition, dug up his “child’s” coffin, and shockingly found nothing but a plastic doll wrapped in a blanket.

He quickly found out that his infant son never even existed, and his partner had faked the entire pregnancy.

Melvin Mendoza, of El Paraíso, Honduras is the father, who is a member of the Honduran armed forces. His woman, Rosa Castellanos Diaz had pulled off an incredibly deceptive feat of faking pregnancy for a whopping nine months, fooling everyone from her friends to her family. The motivation was supposedly to preserve her relationship with Mendoza.

Kind of characteristic of how big lies spiral out of control, she announced that not only was she pregnant, but she was expecting twins after claiming to have had an ultrasound. Then, the lies proceeded to escalate further.

In July of 2017, Diaz told the man that she needed to go, for some reason by herself, to the Honduran capital city of Tegucigalpa to give birth to the twins at a place called Escuela Hospital. Once she was there for a while, she gave Melvin a call and claimed one of the twins had passed away while being delivered, and the other was ill in care at the hospital.

Even more big a lie, when she returned home to the supposed father she brought with her the actual supposed coffin said to contain the remains of the twin who had passed away. I guess customary burial rites in Honduras vary from place to place so it wasn’t that unusual: or was it?

The scene was unusual enough for the man to smell a lie. According to Unilad:

“She arranged a vigil for the dead child, attended by those wishing to pay their respects, serving coffee, bread and other snacks.

Diaz even held a funeral at her local cemetery in El Coyolar. Devastated friends and family members took it in turns to carry the tiny coffin to its final resting place.”

So they had a funeral, but the woman refused anyone access to viewing the baby and she raised suspicions with her insistence on this. Diaz claimed that the hospital had sealed the coffin shut and advised her to not open it.

Melvin smelled a lie, so he decided to investigate much closer. Just the day after the funeral, Melvin and his friends went back to the cemetery to dig up the supposed remains of his child.

That’s when they opened the casket, and nothing but a plastic doll neatly wrapped up in a blanket could be found inside it.

Melvin then decided to contact the Escuela hospital, and he learned she had never even been registered as a patient at that location.

Esmael Mejia, a friend of Melvin’s explained to the news outlet El Heraldo:

“When we pulled out the box, to our surprise what we found inside was a doll, dressed up as if it were a child.

We took the coffin to the police so they could see that we didn’t take the child out of the box and replace it with a doll.”

Things like this happen, but the tabloid mainstream media is quick to report on negative, fairly inconsequential stories like this because they get views, and also because there is probably an agenda to promote negativity in the media.

Division between men and women, division between races, division between fake left and right political sides of the same bird of totalitarianism: that’s the theme projected out towards us from the media, even when tabloid little stories like this are reported on. Remember that: what are you giving your energy to?

(Image credit: Unilad)

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