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How to Detox Your Body From Sugar In 7 Days: Diabetes is a Real Problem


How to Detox Your Body From Sugar In 7 Days: Diabetes is a Real Problem

People have a serious problem with sugar these days. The thing is, so many things people eat are full of carbohydrates, that turn to sugar in the body, these days even people who think they don’t eat a lot of sugar actually mess up their health in the same way.

Due to a combination of factors, type two diabetes in particular seems to be rising, even in younger people. Due to chemicals that promote diabetes, nutritional deficiencies, and the fact that people these days tend to eat huge, carb heavy, sugar heavy servings of terrible food, people are getting it. Every time a person spikes their blood sugar, and gets extremely tired after a meal, that’s a step closer to developing insulin resistance and diabetes.

Type two diabetes is a metabolic disorder characterized as one that causes high blood sugar, a lack of insulin, and insulin resistance. These people might feel an increased hunger, and an increased thirst and frequent urination.

Do you constantly drink water, or have to drink a huge amount after any meal? Do your veins feel swollen or hot, sensitive to heat, enlarged when you eat things that are sweet or full of carbs, like bread? You might be on the road to developing diabetes.

If people who feel these symptoms, like an increased thirst, bad reaction to sugar and carbs, continue to engorge themselves on bad food, they will start to feel strange symptoms.

It might be a hot day where the person is very active, standing up a lot, and if they ate a ton of carbs or sugar and didn’t drink enough water, they may start to get varicose veins in their feet. Their feet may feel itchy and irritated, with the veins of the foot sort of seeming to bruise on the inside. That’s when you know you need to eat right, or definitely suffer the consequences and become a diabetic.

Diabetes aside, if you want to have good health because you’ve moved on from sugar and carbs, here are some tips on how to do it.

1. Commit to it

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Just commit to it: tell yourself, look, we’ve got to stop eating all this bread, pasta, grains, processed flour, sugar, all of it. That’s the only way to lower your blood sugar, period. You’ll notice things like cashews, that are supposed to be carby, not so diabetic friendly nuts are still better than any form of “white carbs.” If it’s white, don’t eat it.

Make little notes to yourself that say “NO SUGAR” or something like that and put the notes everywhere. Harness your discipline and remember how much worse it feels to have your system flooded with sugar.

2. Drink lots of water

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If you want to lower your blood sugar, and detox from sugar fast, one of the best things you can do is drink a lot of water. It’s the first instinct of any person with high blood sugar problems. Also, don’t drink tap water, get some water in the largest volume you can find. If the local store has a water dispenser, get a 5 gallon water jug and fill it up regularly. It may be large and arduous to carry, but you won’t regret it. It’s definitely not good for your health to drink a lot of tap water, from the United States to almost anywhere you are.

Articles about this suggest drinking more coffee or tea to help with not using sugar, but some people fill their coffee or tea with sugar, and caffeine actually isn’t that friendly to blood sugar either it would seem.

However it’s not as bad as sugar, to drink caffeine-containing coffee or tea.

3. Supplement carbs with protein

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Instead of eating bread, pasta, things that cause our blood sugar to spike exceptionally high, the human body actually requires protein.

You could eat some chicken that you make into a stir fry with some oyster sauce and a bell pepper, and then eat that stir fry with some broccoli. Drench your broccoli in oyster sauce from the chicken, trust me it will taste good.

Or if you prefer not to eat meat, get some black beans and cook them into a rich, full pot of black beans with coconut oil, tons of garlic, and onions. Maybe add some cayenne pepper if you like your meals spicy. That black bean meal, correctly done with the beans soaked and drained for about 24 hours beforehand, is a great protein filled, blood sugar friendly meal.

Of course, black beans do have an unacceptable level of carbs for some people, but they also have protein and they metabolize slow enough for blood sugar to not spike.

4. Whatever you do, don’t eat rice or bread

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Rice is diabetic kryptonite: don’t even try it. White rice is one of the most dangerous, blood sugar-spiking things a person can eat. If you have problems with sugar, it’s highly recommended you never eat rice ever again in your life.

They say brown rice is better, but I wouldn’t try that either. Bread is also bad, be disciplined, there are not exceptions to this.

The bread crumbs that cover some fried chicken or chicken schnitzel for example, that’s much better than straight bread because there is very little weight to it. With moderation, things that are covered in bread crumbs are better than actual bread.

5. Eat the right carbs

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Sure, your body does need some carbs. What you have to avoid are potatoes, bread, noodles, all of that. Anything processed will spike your blood sugar.

Instead, choose broccoli, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, all of those things.

If you cut up cauliflower as fine as you can and cook it in a pot until it’s mush, boiling it down until there is no water left, add a ton of butter or coconut oil, some salt and garlic, and it really tastes just like mashed potatoes.

Those cauliflower “mashed potatoes” are truly a great meal for people with blood sugar problems, it tastes just like it. It also goes well with the oyster sauce chicken stir fry. You can put the oyster sauce from the chicken on the cauliflower “mashed potatoes” like gravy.

Call it “diabetic soul food.”

6. Eat fats, especially coconut oil

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People swear by it, and rightfully so, despite any negative or condescending things that have been said about coconut oil. There is hardly a cooking oil you’ll find that is as healthy as coconut oil.

Don’t be afraid to try it, get that full flavor, unrefined coconut oil and get to cooking. The flavor won’t overpower the rest of your meal. Remember, the brain needs fats.

7. Be prepared for the worst

It’s intense quitting sugar and carbs, make no mistake. Some people report feeling headaches, all kinds of symptoms. However, you’ll notice your body temperature feeling normal, and if you truly have diabetic problems or blood sugar problems, you’ll notice the veins in your hands and feet not becoming swollen or hot.

Just stick with it, and if you feel you need just a small amount of carbs, eat some cashews or something, anything that is not processed.

8. Get plenty of sleep

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You really need the time your body has to recharge during this time.

One study claims that students who slept 6 hours a night instead of 8 had increased hunger causing hormones, and a decrease in appetite-suppressing hormones. Your body needs sleep now.

9. Supplement a few vitamins and minerals

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A few minerals and vitamins might help with this process. Zinc, magnesium, or potassium found in coconut water should help.

If you take magnesium, to establish a correct balance of magnesium and potassium in the body it would help to drink an entire liter of coconut water every day. If you drink that, you’re almost guaranteed to have cramp-free muscles every day.

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