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Keeping A Jasmine Plant In Your Room Reduces Depression And Anxiety

Believe it or not, having plants in your house can actually make your environment more healthy and improve your physical health. Obviously, plants improve the air quality in the room and increase oxygen levels, but there are also some plants that will improve your mood, while reducing the symptoms for mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

It is well known by experts that stress can be exacerbated by low oxygen levels, or high levels of toxins in the air.

Studies have shown that one of the best house plants for clearing the air is the jasmine plant and it is said that the essential oils of the plant work even better.

Scientists used these aromas to calm down mice in the lab, and saw incredible results. Not only did the mice become more well behaved and relaxed, but brain scans also showed that stress relieving endorphins were being released as well.

Photo Credit: Garden Lovers Club

Jasmine has been shown to be more effective than sleeping pills, anti-anxiety medications, and sedatives.

Professor Hatt, of the Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, said that there is something called GABA nerve cells, and they are the key to understanding how this works.

“We have discovered a new class of GABA receptor modulator which can be administered parentally and through the respiratory air. Applications in sedation, anxiety, excitement and aggression relieving treatment and sleep induction therapy are all imaginable,” Prof Hatt told the Telegraph.

Photo Credit: Farmers Almanac

Jasmine is found in more than 83% of all women’s fragrances and 33% of men’s scents as well.

Below are some of the issues that Jasmine can help improve:

Reduces stress, tension, and anxiety

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Elevates mood

Improves brain function


Improves the quality of sleep

Balances hormones

Help with hot flashes

Decrease Mood swings

Increases libido

In a previous article, we discussed numerous different plants that were proven by NASA to improve the quality of air in your home.

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