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Khabib Issues Challenge to Fight Floyd Mayweather in Instagram Video


Khabib Issues Challenge to Fight Floyd Mayweather in Instagram Video

Riding on a wave of confidence after his defeat of Conor McGregor, UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov has done what the director of any entertainment spectacle could predict, and he called out boxing veteran Floyd Mayweather.

The fight between Conor and Khabib was of course billed as the most important fight in the entire 25 year history of the UFC. During the fight, a turning point was reached in the second round when Khabib hit Conor with a strong punch, sending him to the floor early. According to further description from one article:

“The fight eventually came to an end in the fourth round when McGregor was forced into submission. What followed was almost cinematic in its lairiness. Khabib, not so content with winning the scrap, proceeded to jump out of the Octagon and into McGregor’s camp. People from Khabib’s entourage then jumped into the Octagon and swung for McGregor who had been swinging a couple of arms at another member of the Russian’s team.”

You probably already know how it went down. Now, the 30 year old UFC lightweight champion is trying to go after Floyd Mayweather.

He was standing next to Leonard Ellerbe, the CEO of Mayweather Promotions so it would seem as if this effort is already in the works. Khabib said:

“Hey let’s go Floyd, we have to fight now. 50 and 0 versus 27 and 0, two guys that never lose. Let’s go, why not? Cause in the jungle only one king, only one king.

Of course I am the king. Because he [Mayweather] can not drop McGregor but I drop him easily.”

(Image credit: Hanistan)

In response to the behavior of Khabib after his recent victory, Mayweather said:

“I’m not too familiar with the guy McGregor was fighting, but I know the guy he was facing was undefeated. McGregor is a tough competitor but McGregor’s opponent jumped out of the ring and was fighting people in the crowd so, very unprofessional.

It’s going to be a huge fine I’m pretty sure because with my fight against Zab Judah, there was a crazy melee in the ring and a huge penalty – a huge fine. If I’m not mistaken, seven figures.

Not to me, but could have been to Zab Judah or my uncle Roger or even Leonard Ellerbe, so I know when a guy’s jumping out of the cage into the audience and fighting different people, the fine is going to be crazy.”

What Floyd said implies he’s not going to fight Khabib, but why was his associate side by side with him?

Continuing from Unilad:

“Following the furore at UFC 229, McGregor was been suspended by the UFC on ‘medical grounds’. As a result he will not be allowed any contact until October 28.

The official line on the UFC list of medical suspensions states: ‘Conor McGregor: Suspended until 6/11/18, no contact until 28/10/18.’ As is often the case in the fallout of a fight, McGregor issued a congratulatory message for his opponent, writing on his Twitter, ‘Good knock. Looking forward to the rematch.’”

(Image credit: Unilad)

This was McGregor’s first fight back there in the Octagon since a two year hiatus from the MMA. He lost by TKO in round 10 of the boxing match with Floyd Mayweather in August 2017.

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